Reader Sends Audio of Strange Screams Coming from Inside the Indiana Forest

Mail Bag: Reader Sends Audio of Strange Screams Coming from Inside the Indiana Forest


Is a strange beast stalking the rural Indiana forest? One reader is wondering just that, and sent in a strange audio clip of the late-night cries that are disturbing his family.

Every time we get a piece of mail from a Week in Weird reader with a strange story to share, I can barely contain my excitement. Often there’s an accompanying photograph, and once in a great while there’s a video, but for some reason, I always get giddy when there’s some kind of weird audio attached.

Fresh from the inbox comes a strange audio clip sent in from Terry K. in Rossville, Indiana, who says that the bizarre screams captured on an iPhone have been keeping his family awake at night, and his dog on edge.


Terry writes:

I’m in the woods a lot, but I’ve never heard anything exactly like it. My mom sent me the clip she said it was super loud and woke everyone up. We live in the boonies so it could have been a lot of things but still worth checkin out. Volume is shitty since it was recorded on an iPhone so use headphones.

Bigfoot? Werewolf? Drunk neighbor?

Attached was the following clip, which Terry says was “extremely loud”.

“The other growling noise is our dog barking at whatever it is,” he wrote in the description. “The [scream] at the end towards the 26 second mark is the most clear.”

Did Terry’s family manage to capture the howls of a Sasquatch? Or did an evening hiker stub his toe on a log? Let us know what you think (or share your own story)! Drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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