Reader Encounters Eerie, Unexplained "Mechanical" Rumble Piercing Vancouver Sky

Reader Encounters Eerie, Unexplained “Mechanical” Rumble Piercing Vancouver Sky


Yesterday we received this reader report describing an encounter with an eerie rumbling noise that pierced in air in Northern British Columbia.

Jack writes:

Last Tuesday, June 4, I was out with my dog going for a last walk before bed. The time was about 11 or so. I started down the short cul-de-sac outside my house when I hear the strangest noises within the ten minutes we were out, strange enough that we hurried into the house because of them.


They were nothing like I have ever heard before. It sounded like machinery running, an oboe or foghorn, mixed with a vaccuum, and rumbling but no shaking. Oh, and LOUD. You also could NOT discern where the sound was originating from. It seemed to be all around me, coming from overhead, from the sky. It would last for 10-15 seconds, then stop, then start up again. I was scared SHITLESS. What the hell was that?

I live in the Seymour River area of North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Reports of these mysterious “sky noises” have been cropping up all over in the last few years, with people from around the world claiming to have experienced strange noises similar the one that Jack describes. One of the most recent cases was reported today in Fleetwood, Ancaster, England.

While you can find plenty examples of sky noises on YouTube, the blatant hoaxes (far more evident when you listen with headphones and note the difference in sound quality between the “sky noises” and the background) that were tied to 2012 Apocalypse hysteria far outweigh the number of genuine recordings of eerie sky sounds.

As for what’s causing them, plenty of scientists are stumped. Sure, a chunk of the odd noises can easily contributed to terrestrial causes like underground mining work, nearby railway work, or even electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation beltsbut most of the weird sounds have researchers scratching their heads.

Are you a Vancouver resident who heard something similar to Jack’s account? Do you have your own story of eerie noises in your neighborhood? We want to hear it! Drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave your story in the comments below.


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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Okay so I’m not going crazy. This happened to me last week on the same day, except it was in the middle of the night, like around 3 am. It was a bizarre night for me, as I was being plagued by sleep paralysis, so when I was awoken by this noise (my roommate heard it also), I thought it was part of a nightmare or something. But it couldn’t have been, the sound was “too real”. It sounded something like a bizarre bloodcurdling scream mixed with a horn or howl. It came from outside my apartment, but it was… Read more »
Dennis as far as I’m concerned the go to guy for eldritch and anomalous noises’s Greg Taylor over at the Daily Grail. It was reading him which alerted to me how peculiarly affected by both noise and the absence of noise I can be meself but also how little attention people pay to the sounds and silences round them. And it’s a dead big thing in mystic circles because in Ancient Egyptian mythology you’ve got the goose god Geb honking the world into existence and even the Gospels make a huge but disguised deal of it with “In the beginning… Read more »

I live about an hour north of Vancouver, and have been up for the last hour or so hearing a strange rumbling, unnatural mechanical sound which appears to be coming from the sky. This is not the first time I’ve heard it, but this is the longest occurrence of the sound that I’ve experienced. My parents live in downtown Vancouver & my mother has mentioned a couple of incidents of hearing strange loud, rumbling mechanical sounds at night coming from the sky. As weird as this is, it’s reassuring to know that we’re not the only ones experiencing this!

My guess… is now we know where the fuel from Fukushima 2 reactor ended up. err, or should I say, down.

there was a report of Calgary residents being plagued by the strange hum. then they got flooded. I think that’s connected and I still think there is something up with the booms and possibly a disturbance in the earth (not man made). I just read a thing about the strange glowing clouds that keep appearing in various places and how it’s related to our magnetic field and possibly the earth core. I can’t help but feel there is a connection between some of it. Dennis your description of your noise “bizarre bloodcurdling scream mixed with a horn or howl” makes… Read more »

Heard it in Springfield Ohio around 3 am a year or so ago. Was a pulsing sound that definitely gets classified as mechanical. Reminded me a lot of War of the Worlds. Freaked me out.

Could it be described as a “seismic anomaly”? RUSSKIES CATERPILLAR DRIVE

I recorded strange noises in Vancouver this past November.

Last two nights at 5:30am (when I woke from it) and 4:10am today in Abbotsford. Weird, like someone has a tuning fork jammed in my skull and is twanging the tines. It seems to come in and out quickly, about 1-2 seconds on a high, then lower for 1-2 seconds. The nearest industrial area is at least several km away. I cant sleep through that, and it seems to disturb the baby upstairs too. I have slept through flowing a well, and during a frac (which some of us know theres a lot of noise and vibration from those) and… Read more »

Hello, my wife awoke to a very low pulsating magnetic sound at 4:10am on the 10/4/ 2015. Woke both of us with a loud boom 1st then the noise lasted 30 to 40 seconds, consumed our whole house, We could hear it clearly above our house. Are you in Dunedin ?

Three times in the last two weeks ive awaken around three or four am by a weird and scary pulsing noise like washung machine pump and i assme its a nightmare as it seems to tail off and stop when i wake. No household appliances or such are on to give a rational explanation. Im in Sandwel in the UK found this article googling eerie sounds.