Reader Encounters Eerie, Unexplained "Mechanical" Rumble Piercing Vancouver Sky

Reader Encounters Eerie, Unexplained “Mechanical” Rumble Piercing Vancouver Sky


Yesterday we received this reader report describing an encounter with an eerie rumbling noise that pierced in air in Northern British Columbia.

Jack writes:

Last Tuesday, June 4, I was out with my dog going for a last walk before bed. The time was about 11 or so. I started down the short cul-de-sac outside my house when I hear the strangest noises within the ten minutes we were out, strange enough that we hurried into the house because of them.


They were nothing like I have ever heard before. It sounded like machinery running, an oboe or foghorn, mixed with a vaccuum, and rumbling but no shaking. Oh, and LOUD. You also could NOT discern where the sound was originating from. It seemed to be all around me, coming from overhead, from the sky. It would last for 10-15 seconds, then stop, then start up again. I was scared SHITLESS. What the hell was that?

I live in the Seymour River area of North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Reports of these mysterious “sky noises” have been cropping up all over in the last few years, with people from around the world claiming to have experienced strange noises similar the one that Jack describes. One of the most recent cases was reported today in Fleetwood, Ancaster, England.

While you can find plenty examples of sky noises on YouTube, the blatant hoaxes (far more evident when you listen with headphones and note the difference in sound quality between the “sky noises” and the background) that were tied to 2012 Apocalypse hysteria far outweigh the number of genuine recordings of eerie sky sounds.

As for what’s causing them, plenty of scientists are stumped. Sure, a chunk of the odd noises can easily contributed to terrestrial causes like underground mining work, nearby railway work, or even electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation beltsbut most of the weird sounds have researchers scratching their heads.

Are you a Vancouver resident who heard something similar to Jack’s account? Do you have your own story of eerie noises in your neighborhood? We want to hear it! Drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave your story in the comments below.


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