Strange "Cursed Stone" Disappears After Researchers Study it, Recommend it Be Destroyed

Strange “Cursed Stone” Disappears After Researchers Study it, Recommend it Be Destroyed


A couple months back we brought you the story about a mysterious stone donated to a Vietnamese temple, a rock covered in bizarre hieroglyphics and rumored by locals to cast spells.

Well, thanks to studies recently performed by scientists and spiritualists alike, the object has been deemed a “bad influence” and disappeared from the Hungs King Temple before it could be destroyed as recommended.

After an order to remove the magic stone was passed down from the local government, Mr. Thieu Vinh, chief of the office of Phu Tho People’s Committee, told reporters that the temple management board had transported the rock out of the temple in late May, but their report made no mention of where it disappeared to.


20130607171056-1Initially, some experts thought that the rock may be an amulet for happiness and virtues, but admitted that they were unable to decipher many of the mysterious etchings, leading to a lot of speculation about bad omens and curses. Now it would appear that researchers agree.

On June 6, Union of Vietnam Science Association researcher Pham Thuc said told experts that much of the information given to them about the stone was initially false.

“The two talismans painted on the two sides of the stone originate from China and the drawing is not the bagua of Saint Tran (a sort of diagram of ancient cosmology) as was originally explained by those related,” he told gathered researchers. “The contents of Chinese and Sanskrit letters on the talismans are different from the previous explanation.”

Thuc pointed out that the first talisman was related only to the pursuit of “personal interests”, not for the peace and prosperity of the country and the people of Vietnam. The second talisman is associated with “geopolitical aspects”, so he recommended that the rock be destroyed immediately.

Of course by that time, the magical rock was gone. According to a report in the Vietnam Bridge, the stone was whisked away by Nguyen Minh Thong, the same man who initially donated the bizarre object.

Was the cursed stone’s donation to the Hungs Kings Temple a magical trojan horse intended to facilitate bad mojo? Or was it simply an interesting piece of art that did it’s job a little too well? Let us know what you think! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WhoForted, or join the discussion below!


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