Odd Rocket-Shaped UFO Captured on Film in Netherlands, "Not Manipulated" Says Expert

Odd Rocket-Shaped UFO Captured on Film in Netherlands, “Not Manipulated” Says Expert


A new UFO image is stirring up the internet, and at least one expert is saying that it’s real.. sort of.

The bizarre image was captured by photographer Corinne Federer during a trip to Muiderslot Castle near Amsterdam with her mother on May 25.

“It was a tubular-shaped object that had an S-shaped fin on it. If it had been any type of missile, it would’ve had multiple fins, but facing the same direction. We heard nothing, it was completely quiet out. The more I flipped through the frames, it was kind of creepy,” Federer told reporters. “I’ve been shooting for quite some time and I’ve seen other stuff in the news, but I’ve never seen anything [like this] with my own eye.  I couldn’t wait to get home where I could blow it up and see what was really there. I looked at the image information — at the shutter speed — and (the object) was blurred at 1/250th of a second, so it had to be going superfast.”


editednetherlandsufoSince the image began going viral, the debate has raged over whether or not the photograph was actually manipulated, a trend that is becoming an even easier way to fool the media thanks to free camera phone applications with the ability to doctor images with the flick of a finger. But Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent most popularly known from his time on SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked, said he believes the image is real.

“Having reviewed the raw files, there’s no overt indication that the photos have been manipulated with post editing software,” he said told The Latino Press. “Having the sun in the frame is helpful because it indicates where shadows should appear. This further supports that the object was photographed ‘in-camera’ and not added later.”

On the subject of the strange object actually being a flying craft from another planet, Hansen wasn’t quite as supportive.

“If I had to place my money on it, I would say that we’re looking at insects.”

Here’s hoping he doesn’t mean the big ones from outer space.

What do you think of the image? Is Ben Hansen’s assumption correct or did Corinne Federer manage to snap a strange craft? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below!


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  1. Patrick Moore

    06/11/2013 at 5:23 AM

    Yep. Looks to me like a short “rod.” In other words, a bug, as Hansen suggests. But then, sometimes early in the morning or late at night, my golden retriever looks like a bug to me, so what do I know?

    • Cherie

      06/12/2013 at 1:01 PM

      I’ll go on record as guessing it’s a bug too. But then, sometimes early in the morning or late at night, my cats act like bugs (only stinkier), so what do I know?

  2. Fooky

    06/11/2013 at 7:59 AM

    My first thought was that it looked fairly similar to the rod pictures of insects. Rapidly beating wings could also explain the weird shadow/halo around in the object in the greyscale. It was definitely weird enough to make me second guess myself for a bit, though.

  3. Sergei

    06/11/2013 at 10:14 AM

    What’s funny is that the second image, used to support the authenticity of the photo, actually provides evidence that it’s an insect. You can clearly see the wings vibrating from the sides of it.

  4. Henry Paterson

    06/13/2013 at 9:01 AM

    I love the term “experts.”

  5. Nannie

    09/27/2013 at 10:43 PM

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