Fort Report: Unexplained UFOs, Cyclists Hunt Sasquatch, Legendary Lake Monsters, and Fortean Phone Tapping

Fort Report: Unexplained UFOs, Cyclists Hunt Sasquatch, Legendary Lake Monsters, and Fortean Phone Tapping


In this edition of The Fort Report: unsolved UFO mysteries, heinous witchcraft murders, motorcyclists on the hunt for Sasquatch, Central New York Lake Monsters, the history of phone tapping fortean researchers, debunking the debunkers, and Jamaican’s interviews about “duppies”.

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REDLANDS: 1968 UFO sighting remains unexplained

This UFO sighting wasn’t the tale of a single person on a lonely isolated road. This object was reportedly seen by as many as 200 residents in the north part of the city. The city’s police switchboard was swamped with calls. To this day, it remains unexplained.


Do It: Bigfoot research ongoing at Canadice Lake

“For thousands of years this type of creature has existed in many cultures with many names like Yeti in the Himalayas,’’ said Heid, 49, a Syracuse resident, bike technician and salesman for Dick’s Sporting Goods. “Areas like the Adirondack Park, where there are so many dense forested tracts, something like this could live and go unnoticed.”

Indian villagers arrested over ‘heinous’ witchcraft murder

At least 18 tribal villagers have been arrested in India for allegedly killing a man they suspected of practising witchcraft.

2013 PNW Motomarathon Joins Search for Bigfoot

“The search for Bigfoot is especially intriguing for us,” said Motomarathon Founder John Metzger. “I’ve always thought that the long-distance motorcycling expedition was the best way to cover as many paved twisties as possible to increase the chances for a sighting.” If men on loud motorcycles can manage to find Bigfoot, Finding Bigfoot has some serious explaining to do.

Warning: This Call May Be Monitored… For ANY Reason!

Within circles of Fortean and UFO research, it is not uncommon to hear about cases involving people’s telephones being tapped or tampered with. John Keel famously discussed the oddities that occurred during his investigation of a UFO flap around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the late 1960s. Since that time, the sense of being surveilled has become more common in ufological circles than the actual appearance of strange objects in the sky.

Legend of the Cayuga Lake Monster

Tales of elusive creatures of the deep have captured imaginations for centuries. And one of those legends lives right here in Central New York. In this week’s edition of Your Hometown, Tamara Lindstrom takes a look at what might just be lurking in the depths of Cayuga Lake.

Fishersville-Based Paranormal Society Sets up Shop at Swannanoa

A palace tucked away on Afton Mountain is the site of a paranormal research investigation Saturday.  A group based out of Fishersville is set up at Swannanoa – a mansion filled with a mysterious past.

UFO debunker sees space ships up close

Well ain’t this a fine howdyuhdoo? Ya pick a guy, a good obedient soldier, pay him good government money to debunk UFO sightings back in the 1950’s, he does his job just great and then decades later blows the whole scam by blowing the whistle about everything.

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

In the last month, reports of supernatural entities, more popularly called ‘duppies’ or ghosts, terrorizing persons in rural communities, have surfaced. Some people believe the stories while others do not. This prompted the Jamaica Observer to find out from people on the streets whether or not they believe in duppies or ghosts.

Sea creature baffles Clifton residents on Staten Island’s North Shore

A mysterious Staten Island sea creature washed up dead on the shore behind the Clifton train station Saturday afternoon, baffling onlookers as they tried to determine what, exactly, they were seeing.

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