Crowd Runs Scared After Witnessing Woman Fight With Short, Bald Ghost

Crowd Runs Scared After Witnessing Woman Fight With Short, Bald Ghost


Jamaican newspapers are reporting “high drama” via high strangeness after a terrified crowd witnessed a woman get into a knock down, drag out fight with a short, hairless ghost.

The bizarre incident began at approximately 7:00 PM when the woman reported that she had been knocked unconscious by what she described as a ‘strong force’. Once she regained consciousness, she was seen fighting the ghost and kicking a nearby fence. One witness claims that the angry spirit, or “duppy” as they’re referred to locally,  resembled a short, bald, shirtless man.

“Mi never see anything like dis, mi always hear dem a talk about duppy, but a first mi ever see somebody a run up and down so and a fight back duppy,” one witness told The Jamaica Star. One person even seh dat dem see di duppy so people start ketch dem fraid because it look like everywhere di girl go, di duppy go deh to.”


The woman’s family quickly came to rescue, whisking the ghost fighting woman off to a gated community where they assumed she would be safe from the spirit, but come on, we all know they can walk through walls, so fences are a piece of cake. She was still tussling with the phantom several hours later.

The incident has baffled locals who swear up and down that they saw the ghost following the woman everywhere she went, scattering crowds as they noticed the duppy trailing her.

In other news, Zak Bagans is currently booking his flight to Jamaica.

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