What The Hell Is It? Bizarre "Organism" Appears After Lightning Strike

What The Hell Is It? Bizarre “Organism” Appears After Lightning Strike


Did an alien creature just land on Earth? Did a bolt of electricity blast some poor squirrel inside out? Just what in god’s name is that thing?

Those are just a few of the questions asked after a streak of lightning struck a man’s front yard this weekend, blowing a hole in the ground and revealing a Lovecraftian monstrosity smoking in the dirt. Believing it to be an organic creature of some kind, the man wasted no time texting photos of the gross-looking thing to his friends, one of whom took to social media for answers.



“Lightning struck my friend’s yard yesterday and left this monstrosity,” ben51959 posted to reddit. “What the hell is it?”

Immediately, theories began to pour in from morbidly curious internet slueths, ranging from everything to a coagulated earthworm colony, to fulgarite, to a fried Koosh ball, to the hilariously horrifying “lightning placenta”.

“I just poked it, it’s definitely rubbery/squishy,” Ben replied. “There appear to be no bones.”

Many of the armchair skeptics settled on the Koosh theory, but a few hours later another surfer popped in to add that a similar event had been witnessed by him, providing an even weirder photo of the same phenomena.

What are the chances that two of the exact same rubber toys were zapped, creating the exact same hunk of mutant flesh? Slim to none, I’m guessing.

As of yet, it would seem that no satisfying answer can be found in the case of the alien mystery meat, and it meant that there was only one test worth implementing before forming an opinion:


Time to incorporate that technique into modern paranormal investigation. And why not? It makes more sense than the Ovilus.

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