Fort Report: Rectangles in Space, Rising Occult Crime, Sea-Monsters, and Monster Hunting Hillbillies

Fort Report: Rectangles in Space, Rising Occult Crime, Sea-Monsters, and Monster Hunting Hillbillies


Greetings, Oddnauts!

As you might have noticed, we disappeared for about a week and came back looking quite a bit different. How do you like the new digs?

Now that we’ve finally gotten our long overdue upgrade out of the way, we can get back to the important stuff. The first order of business? A whole bunch of links to some of the weirdest stories of the past week. This edition of the Fort Report has links to Giant Red Rectangles in space, a rise in occult crime, old tales of sea-monsters, exorcism task forces, Antiques Road Show for weirdos, and jerk-face conspiracy theorists.


Read on for all these stories and more!

Ghost of the Machine: Sounds in the Paranormal

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory in England have reason to believe that we people haven’t really been seeing ghosts at all; rather, we have been sensing auditory distortions.

Exorcism Series (Pt III)- Criminal Gangs And The Occult: A Global Threat

Criminologist Dr Enrico de Simone of Verona, Italy, has warned of a growing threat posed by criminal gangs that are increasingly hiring shamans and occultists for protection against rivals and law enforcement agents.

‘Sea monster’ spied in Australia

The Otago Daily Times reprints a 100 year old newspaper article detailing an account of a giant sea-serpent witnessed by the crew of a shipping vessel. The crew described it as the same creature popularized by Chinese illustrations.

Ghost hunters search 340-year-old Connecticut inn for spirits

In February, board members at Leffingwell House in Hartford apparently witnessed the shadow sit down and stand up twice from a large pink chair

Paranormal skeptic rains on Stroudsburg’s devil tale

Swamp gas, weather balloons, barometric pressure, Chinese lanterns, blah blah blah blah. God forbid anyone has any fun.

Ripley’s on the hunt for oddities

How odd is Orlando? So odd that Ripley’s snapped up 70 items this week from Floridians cashing in on possessions such as art made from M&M’s, a giant hairball from a cow and a shrunken head. Paging Dr. Steven Greer.

Terrifying tales of real life EXORCIST the Reverend Tom Willis

In a lifetime dealing with the supernatural, he says he has seen things that cannot be explained, including ornaments flying through walls and bodiless voices calling to him from beyond the grave.

What the heck is this strange red rectangle doing in our galaxy?

It’s not often that a nebula looks quite so much like a cheesy special effect from some forgotten ’70s sci-fi movie, but the Red Rectangle Nebula qualifies. After all, this seems to betray a total misunderstanding of basic science, because aren’t nebulae meant to be, well, round? And is any nebula that blood-red?

Ghost video sex offender gets jail term

A few weeks ago we reported on a woman discovered having an illegal sexual relationship with a teenager by a ghost-hunter’s video camera. She’s getting six months in jail.

Chicago-area conspiracy theorist targets Sandy Hook family

Jillian Soto remembers the day she stumbled across a website that showed photos of her at her sister’s funeral and was horrified to read accusations that she had faked grief as part of an elaborate government hoax. Completely awful.

Exorcist squad hired to fight Satan in Madrid

The church has selected eight recruits who will undergo special training to combat what has been described as an “unprecedented rise” in cases of “demonic possession”.

Hillbillies Seek Mysterious Beasts in New Series “Mountain Monsters”

Rednecks. Guns. Legends. This is the state of paranormal television. At least it’s more fun than watching the same handful of people hunt ghosts in the same handful of buildings over and over again.

Watch a Magic Sigil Being Created:

The Creation of a Sigil from Elizabeth Jane Reed on Vimeo

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