Dead Aliens in the Freezer, Ectoplasm on Film, and UFO Collisions: Week in Weird Episode #5

Dead Aliens in the Freezer, Ectoplasm on Film, and UFO Collisions: Week in Weird Episode #5

The ectoplasmic manifestation of an infamous witch is caught on camera, a Chinese man stores the body of a dead alien in his freezer, a chance to pardon the Witches of Bideford, and an airplane has a fender bender with a UFO. These stories and more in this week’s edition of The Week in Weird!

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Oh yeah, and if you’re looking for the results of last episode’s psychic challenge we’ll be announcing the winner and uploading that video later today!



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Show Notes:

Results to last episode’s Psychic Challenge (they’re weird)

Man Claims He Has the Body of an Alien on Ice

Help Posthumously Pardon the Witches of Bideford

Ghostly Spirits Photographed in Witch’s Prison

Aircraft Has High Altitude Collision With UFO

Special Thanks:

The gang at Open Minds for being our new crush.

To The Anomalist for their stoic, unflinching reporting. Seriously, none of them sleep.

Big(foot) hugs to Rev. Jeff, Shawn Evidence, Ro Sahebi, and the Mulder’s World gang for the kick ass support of WiW!

To Coppertop and Alan Borkey for being the most entertaining commenters ever.

Thanks to China for being so damn weird.

And thank YOU for watching!


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