Man Claims He Has Body of Electrocuted Alien on Ice, But Police Say It's Just a Hoax (Sound Familiar?)

Man Claims He Has Body of Electrocuted Alien on Ice, But Police Say It’s Just a Hoax (Sound Familiar?)


It seems the rubber suit has struck again, only this time it wasn’t Bigfoot in the icebox, it was an alien in the deep freeze.

Just a few days ago, a Chinese man named Li Kai took to Sino Weibo, the Chinese Facebook equivalent, to post pictures of what he claimed was the body of an extra-terrestrial stored in his freezer. Images of the strange, pale body began circulating the internet at alarming speeds.

Kai claimed to have found the body tangled in a high voltage rabbit trap he had set out earlier. Kai told local police he had been following a string of UFO sightings along the Yellow River when the ship carrying his now famous body collided with the trap, subsequently electrocuting the extraterrestrial inside.


alien-body-620_1744012aLi Kai then told Sino Weibo followers, and the police, that he retrieved the body from the crash and brought it home to preserve it for further study.

Images of the bizarre creature raised a lot of eyebrows, and neither critics nor police were not buying Kai’s story about the spaceship crash.

After claiming the police were hiding the truth by telling the public that his alien was simply a rubber suit, Li Kai admitted yesterday that the body wasn’t a body at all, but was, in fact, created in his home using about 12 dollars worth of supplies.

“The alien [Li] claimed to have killed was made of wire, glue, and white pigment”, said Binzhou police chief Zhou Xiaofei in the statement on Monday afternoon.

Most of us following the story already knew Li Kai’s tale was a huge load, as it borrowed all the elements from the infamous Georgia Bigfoot Hoax.

Word of advice to future hoaxers: the fridge is so 2008.

Thanks to Mike A. for the heads up on this story!


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