Scientists Splice Jellyfish to Create a Flock of Glowing Rave Sheep

Scientists Splice Jellyfish to Create a Flock of Glowing Rave Sheep


For the last few years, scientists in Uruguay have tirelessly worked towards the goal of creating glowing sheep, a project that aims to make the flocks easier to keep track of in the dark, resulting in fewer losses to rural shepherds whose entire livelihoods are tied to the safety of their animals.

Just kidding about that last part. They’re actually doing it because they can (and probably because they’ve run out of things to do in South America’s 2nd smallest country).

The Institute of Animal Reproduction Uruguay were thrilled to announce their achievement, telling reporters that the flock of odd sheep spliced with jellyfish genes were born six months ago, and have since been happy, healthy, and otherwise normal animals.


“We did not use a protein of medical interest or to help with a particular medicine because we wanted to fine-tune the technique,”  Alejo Menchaca, head of the research team, told Nature World News.  “We used the green protein because the color is easily identifiable in the sheep’s tissues.”

Glowing animals are not anything new in the scientific community, but these phosphorescent sheep are the first of their kind in Latin America, particularly in a place known for it’s cattle production. Despite their current popularity, the researchers have stated that the sheep will go on to lead normal lives. Well, as normal as a glowing sheep can have, anyway.

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