Squatchin' on Heaven's Door: Bigfoot Spotted in the Cloudy Harvest Moon

Squatchin’ on Heaven’s Door: Bigfoot Spotted in the Cloudy Harvest Moon


For a creature that no one can seem to nail down, Bigfoot sure gets around. From nudist camps in Oregon to luxury hotels in New Hampshire, the big hairy guy has been spotted in a lot of strange places, but the latest sighting might be the weirdest one yet.

On Friday night, Michigan residents with their eyes pointed toward the harvest moon might have noticed a familiar figure hovering in the clouds: Bigfoot. Fortunately, one skywatcher managed to snap a photo of the weird sight and send it over to Week in Weird on twitter.

Kyle Fisherman says that the image was snapped in Hamburg, Michigan, an area already known for its more, ahem, down-to-earth Bigfoot sightings. Somehow I don’t think that the BFRO will be investigating this one.



Maybe Bigfoot was simply lighting up the Squatch-Symbol, announcing to fellow wild men that Finding Bigfoot is finally on a break from shooting and that it’s safe to roam the woods of Michigan once more. Or perhaps the holographic projector used by flying saucer occupants has finally gone on the fritz, revealing that Sasquatch sightings are actually extraterrestrial pranks pulled on unwitting earthlings. Or maybe it’s just a weird cloud.

Who am I kidding? We all know that Bigfoot is actually the ghost of a creature that walked the planet a long time ago. This one just decided to go full-on Marshmallow Man.

Have you ever captured a cryptozoological creature in the clouds? Found a chupacabra in a piece of a burnt toast? Discovered a goatman in a t-shirt stain? We want to see your best pieces of paranormal pareidolia. Send your weird photos to [email protected] and we might feature them in a future article!

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