Ghostly Video: Apparition Manifests in one of Ontario’s Most Haunted Cemeteries

Ghostly Video: Apparition Manifests Behind Videographer Inside one of Ontario’s Most Haunted Cemeteries


A spooky video shows what looks to be a fully formed apparition manifesting inside one of Ontario, Canada’s most haunted cemeteries, but is it the real deal? Watch it and decide for yourself.

The footage, which was captured in Sudbury, Ontario’s famous Lasalle Cemetery, shows the videographer, Jaysin, walking along a dimly lit cemetery alley towards the camera, when a strange, smokey human figure manifests on the walkway behind him.


“If you look just behind me as I turn and walk back towards the camera, you see what appears to be an apparition appear from behind me, and slowly glide over to the left side of the camera, very clearly… There is actually a hill and forest behind this area, no lights could be possibly coming in from the opposite side, reflection was my other thought but as it originates behind and to the right of me, I’m at a loss.” – Jaysin

At the time Jaysin didn’t notice the strange manifestation appearing behind him, and that’s why he took to the internet to reach out to the experts for some paranormal perspectives about his bizarre video. Many pointed out that the image did not, in fact, look like a reflection on the lens, and noted that the mysterious foggy shape seemed to originate behind the walker, in an un-synchronized way, leading many to conclude that it had not been a reflection of Jaysin walking through the graveyard.


Lasalle Cemetery, which is known as being an incredibly paranormally-active place with a legendary story about it’s Grave Guardians, has been at the center of quit a few well-documented paranormal encounters. Most of the experiences people have had at the graveyard include hearing the sound of disembodied voices, strange manifestations captured in pictures and on video, and of course, run-ins with the notorious “guardian” who is said to be attached to the largest headstone in the cemetery.

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