Ghostly Woman Captured in Newly-Discovered Image from the 1940s

Phantom in the Family Photo: Ghostly Woman Captured in Newly-Discovered Image from the 1940s


There’s a very good chance you’re being inundated with “real” ghost photos on all your social media feeds, and most of them, to put it lightly, aren’t very compelling. Fear not, weirdos, because Week In Weird has managed to dig up one of the coolest ghost photos we’ve seen in recent months. And the best part? It was taken almost a century ago.


This awesome family photo was captured in 1944 just outside the Furlong family’s New Zealand home. It shows the entire family gathered together on a sunny spring day, but if you look carefully to the top-left side of the image, you’ll notice that it appears that not all of the family who showed up for picture day are of the living variety.



Members of the Furlong family had been organizing old photos when they discovered the strange image of their family members and the mysterious translucent woman. Upon closer inspection, the ghostly woman’s dress appears to date half a century before the fashion of the time period displayed in the image.

“My Aunt saw her a few times while growing [up] there in the 60s/70s, beside or at the end of her bed,” NJ Furlong wrote. “She wore a fitted white bodice style dress with a dark broach at her waist, and her dark hair up in a bun.”


The fashion of the phantom’s dress dates around the 1890 to 1910 style, as the sleeves are quite narrow and there’s a slight poof to the shoulders of the piece. Had this photo been faked at the time, it would have been very difficult for a family to find a similar dress laying around, as it was quite specific to a time period 50 years its senior. If you look closely, you can even see the dark-colored broach or cameo at the waist of the dress.

Unfortunately, TJ says the house was completely demolished years back, and no other family members have had experiences with the lady in white since.

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