Maryland Witnesses Film a "Sparking" UFO making 90 Degree Turns

Maryland Witnesses Film a “Sparking” UFO making 90 Degree Turns


Two witnesses reported seeing what they believed to be a “sparking” UFO moving across the night sky in Dundalk, Maryland this week.

The video was recorded Wednesday night at 10:30pm and was officially filed with MUFON sometime yesterday. The video in question is of a strange light moving in the night sky. Witnesses to the incident believe it is not an aircraft, saying:

“The flight pattern was straight up to the sky, coming straight towards me at an alarming rate like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I thought it was a nuclear bomb! Then all of a sudden it reduces its speed and slightly turns like a motorcycle would, then increases speed again and is headed to a whole other direction 90 degrees right of them.”


The two witnesses claim the light then moved toward them, “then the spacecraft moved as if it wanted to be seen, was like a dish with a top as usually interpreted. Blue lights circulating the dome and every turn a white light sparks…”

No more information was released regarding the video or the eye-witnesses. Maryland is rated a level 5 on the MUFON UFO Alert rating system with no other eye-witnesses accounts from the Dundalk area.

You can watch the video of the sighting below, but fair warning, you might want to mute the audio as it contains more “yo”s than a yo-yo factory. Any ideas on explaining the sighting? Let us know! Tweet us @WhoForted, swing by our official Facebook page, of leave a comment.


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