Scientists Catch a Black Hole Chowing Down on a “Super Planet”


Astronomers have discovered a “rogue planet” being eaten by a black hole. Either that, or Galactus got hungry.

The supermassive black hole didn’t quite finish chowing down on it’s interstellar snack, either a huge Jupiter-like planet or a not-quite-yet-a-planet brown dwarf.

“This is the first time where we have seen the disruption of a substellar object by a black hole,” study co-author Roland Walter, of the Observatory of Geneva in Switzerland, said in a statement. “We estimate that only its external layers were eaten by the black hole, amounting to about 10 percent of the object’s total mass, and that a denser core has been left orbiting the black hole.”


The Silver Surfer really needs to step up his game.

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Bryan Clark

Bryan Clark

I am passionate about the paranormal and metaphysical, my favorite author is HP Lovecraft and I cant get enough of anything to do with ghost hunting and bigfoot research among other things. I am also into Drag Racing and Australian Cattle Dogs, they are my favorite breed of dog.

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