Indiana Residents Report UFO "Scanning the Landscape" With Sonar

Indiana Residents Report UFO “Scanning the Landscape” With Sonar


On March 27th three Elkhart, Indiana locals witnessed an object moving through the sky while emitting a strange pulsating noise.

The witnesses heard the bizarre sound around 10:30 pm and described the night as very quiet, with no blowing wind to obscure their ability to hear the objects “sonar” sounds.

“It traveled in a northeast direction,” they told the MUFON Reporting Center. “After I heard it get about a mile or two away I heard the beeping speed up. It was now beeping on perfect half increments. Same sound and same pitch though. This only lasted for about a minute or two and then the sound went away completely. It was definitely an object in motion.”


Oddly enough, later in the evening a siren went off in Elkhart, which the witnesses described as abnormal.

“The tornado sirens are tested every Saturday at noon. This happened late at night on a Wednesday. We are used to the tornado sirens in Elkhart and everyone knows their sound. But this is not the sound I heard. This was something totally different.”

Another witness has come out and claims to have spotted the same pulsating craft ten miles west of Elkhart in Mishawaka, emitting the same beeping sound.

Unfortunately no photos have yet to be taken. At least you’ll hear it before it takes you.

Have you seen anything strange in the skies lately? Or maybe, I should ask of you’ve heard anything strange in the skies. What do you think the witnesses saw? We want to know! Tweet us your thoughts @WhoForted, message us on Facebook, or leave a comment below!


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