Monster on the Loose: Missing Pets, Mangled BMW Blamed on Mysterious Creature

Monster on the Loose: Missing Pets, Mangled BMW Blamed on Mysterious Creature


Are large wolf-like creatures stalking around the neighborhoods of Palm Springs?  Jim Flood thinks so, and he’s got the bite marks to prove it.

The Tahquitz Creek resident awoke last Sunday morning to find the cover on his prized BMW 321i had become dislodged during the night, but what he discovered underneath the cover that really shocked him.

The front left tire well had been completely damaged by what he could only describe as bite marks. Adding to Flood’s panic, he discovered large paw prints across the sand to where the car had been parked o the front lawn.


Amazingly, a nearby neighbor told Flood he had spotted two large animals “bigger than coyotes,” stalking the neighborhood that very night. This prompted Flood to report the damage and the sighting to the local police who called the instance a “suspicious circumstance.”

There are many theories being thrown around about what kind of creature might have caused such damage to Jim Flood’s vehicle. Some believe the Chupacabra took Jim’s BMW for a chew toy, others that giant wolf-like creatures are stalking the night.

Animal wildlife ecologist Michael Vamstad from the Joshua Tree National Park had this to add:

“I can’t think of a reason why a dog or a coyote or a wolf would bite any kind of metallic object like a BMW,” he told The Desert Sun. “We don’t even have wolves in the state of California.”

Though he might not have been ready to settle on the popular Chupacabra theory, Vamstad was quick to add that what might be seeing is a “coyote-looking German Shepherd”.

There have been recent reports of local cats going missing, which only adds to the mystery..

No news if the creature has been spotted since the attack on Jim Floods car, but it’s a good chance that if there is another sighting the whole neighborhood will be howling!

What do you think is responsible for the destruction on Jim’s BMW? Have you ever had a strange creature chomp on your belongings? We want to know! Tweet us @WeirdHQ, message us on Facebook, or leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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This reminds me of that woman who’s van was attacked by something, it did similar damage. I can’t remember where it was, somewhere in the US, but it was a few years ago.

Yes I was thinking the same thing, it was on monster quest. It was believed to be a squatch, maybe a young one trying to figure out what a car was by tasting it? Hey they aren’t all rocket scientists. I think the Chupacabra is ONLY in puerto rico, and other parts of the Americas are seeing something else. That’s where the real unexplainable things are happening, and have been documented very well.

Chupacabra don’t need no steekin’ passport..

This was from 2007 and was on Coast to Coast AM, from the Mohawk homeland, north of New York…

I guess it’s happened a few times then. Apparently the one on tv was debunked according to this bfro report but I can’t find the link to the monsterquest show it was on. Still it’s strange to think it’s a dog that could do this?

I can’t conceive of why a dog, coyote or even a wolf would do damage to a car by biting unless there was something really tasty in the wheel well. Always possible this individual had some inadvertent road kill lodged up there that drove the local canids to go after it. A pic of the damage would be useful. On the strangeness side, reports of large wolf like creatures remind me of the memorable first chapter in “The Hunt For Skinwalker” where a massive wolf like creature attacks a calf (I think) in broad daylight, sheds gunfire like rain and… Read more »

Wow really! I been a longterm resident of Palm Springs for years, and I walk in the same area on a regular bases. I even take a snack and sit on the grass before the sprinklers go off on the course. I haven’t seen a part dog/wolf creature. I do however see a lot of gay men who are fat and hairy, perhaps that’s what he saw? And, since many of them are bottoms, maybe that can explain why they had four legs *but ts up in the air* all the time. Ha ha


[…] It’s the third sighting of the Chupacabra, the infamous blood-drinking monster from Mexico (the name translates to “goat sucker”) in 11 days, inciting concern that the beast might be preying on small animals… or worse. Strange sightings of the beast stretch throughout the Southwest, and vary from run of the mill encounters to people claiming the vampiric monster gnawed on their cars. […]

Chupacabra on the loose!