Highly Bizarre "Cloud Coils" Photographed Over Prince Edward Islands

Highly Bizarre “Cloud Coils” Photographed Over Prince Edward Islands


These supremely weird, coiled cloud formations were recently captured by a satellite scoping out the Prince Edward Islands. No, not the one in Canada, the ones in the south Indian Ocean. Are they the product of a fast moving craft? The infamous HAARP program? A government weather machine spinning up? Or something else?

The image was taken by the Terra satellite with the MODIS instrument (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) on March 26, 2013. The question on everyone’s mind, though, is what could cause a formation like this? Turns out, it could be this weird thing called a “gravity wave” that sometimes forms between bodies of water and the atmosphere when the conditions are right. Or, it could be, you know.. HAARP.



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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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A shot at a comment – alas! Someone? Anybody? SOLID BLACK wall of “cloud” – for lack of a better description. Try this again.. read carefully.. word-by-word: “… solid (as in solid – not hazy, not diffuse, not foggy), SOLID BLACK (not brown/red, brown/grey, dark/grey or dark blue)… CLOUD. We live at the FOOTHILLS of the Mountains (foot hills). This “cloud” extended from ground level up and into the upper atmo. It’s expanse from N to S – as far as could be observed. As if an enormous BLACK SHEET (material) had been stretched – no wavering, no sublte changes… Read more »

Sounds as if, somehow, light was prevented from striking the entire blacked out area, making it black to the human eye. Light-bending technology perhaps?

THANKS, Kevin. In time? I had to sort-out-possibilities as best I could, and an ENORMOUS shadow seemed the most likely explanation (physical appearance, movements, dimensions, etc). GLAD GLAD to hear that YOU (someone else) can logic and put into perspective this event. I do.. really.. THANKYOU. What I didn’t put in my comment? It was nothing short of terrifying. I can’t say I’ve EVER EVER been so overcome with an intangible FEAR – so surrouning and complete – so unknowing – even tho I have (in my time) been confronted with events that spawned different levels of “fear” with “other”… Read more »

I witnessed something similar to this while on the way to a fishing site in the thumb area of Michigan. I was a sunny day about 30 years ago and I was driving in a flat farming area. There was a straight line border of very dense shade that extended for a long way and the edge of it was also visible extending into the sky. I looked upwards and didn’t see anything that would cast a shadow like that. It was more than just a shadow. It was very dense, and dark looking. Pete

Sounds like one horrific tornado was in your area. Lived in “Tornado Alley” for a few years.

fb! I too lived in and near a “tornado alley” and for over eighteen years. So.. I’m guessing you KNOW how the skies can turn INSTANTLY – in the snap of one’s finger(s)”… Instantly BLACK and in the midst of what seems a perfectly pleasant and normal day otherwise. Once while driving this occurred. In a nano second could not see the front of my vehicle and the rear end of my vehicle began to lift and shake back and forth. A tornado had actually crossed the road directly behind me. I offer this to you as a token of… Read more »

VERY WELL STATED, Peter… “straight line border(s)”.
And tho I used the word “cloud,”…it was only in an effort to offer something familiar to readers. The skies NOT shrouded in solid black, like your experience, were also quite clear – making the advancement of this “curtain” (toward us) very clear and defined. “VERY DENSE.” Sounds very much the same, Pete… and I sure am glad you took the time to reply.
And agreed… “.. it was more (much more) than just a shadow” (to quote you again). Nice to know we’re NOT alone in this! THANKS again…very much. DW

Oops, Peter. I screwed up – clicked off a reply and “THANKYOU” to you.. but is posted ( I HOPE) beneath KEVIN’s reply. Scroll down to give it a gander. My THANKS again. Sincerely DW

On the 20th of February 20th 2009 I was working in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I happen to look up and see rainbow looking clouds…not an arch but clouds. More pinks, blues and purples. I pointed them out to the other 2 guys I was working with and we all agreed none of us had ever seen such clouds. I told them the only place I had ever seen such clouds was on youtube that was taken right before the major earthquake that killed over 100,000 people 2-3 years before. They of course said I was crazy to think the clouds had… Read more »

The location was just a couple of a hundred miles ….if that far from where we were at.

Those kinds of clouds aren’t all that uncommon. I see rainbow clouds all the time at my house. It’s caused by the light being refracted by the suspended ice molecules in the clouds.

Kinda mundane , but still really cool clouds

Can you say TTA – Tesla Tech Àrray………

Thank you. Yes! Tesla Tech Arrays

A year ago, I observed a cloud formation in which rows of clouds, spread lengthwise with equal space between them resembling neatly-formed rows in a vegetable garden, were in the sky over McRae, GA.

Were those ChemTrails you were viewing?

The dark / blacked out / shaded areas are carbon black nanoparticles, the waves, ripples and coil effects are caused by infrasonic undulation created by TTA Tesla Tech Arrays

I’m pretty sure all particals are sub-nano.

Can someone scale the image? I want to estimate the wavelength and frequency of these waves. Looks like the power levels required to produce this phenomenon would be enormous!

I’ve been a Ham Radio op since 1960 – let’s sleuth this out!

These are called Wave clouds. Note they form on the leeside of the island in question and they also indicate severe turbulence. If I saw this (and I am a weather forecaster), I would brief a pilot to stay away from this area. Here is a link that describes this and also includes a picture that is exactly like the one shown on this article.


Look at P.E.I on google earth, there is an interesting “weather station” located on that side of the island. Caught red handed.

That weather station has been there since 1948. Not everything is HAARP or a govt conspiracy. Sometimes it is just simple science and meteorology. Here is a picture of roll clouds from the ground:


And here you go…an even better example from a satellite picture. Actually, an outstanding example.


40 21′ 0.63″ S 9 52′ 47.43″ W Marion weather station. Check out “panoramio” site, “deon-RSA Marion Station”. four photos.

0:45-0:55 Formation of the spiral structure:

Snapshot of similar experiment:
comment image

Basic particle physics on a grand/planetary scale. Applications? Sustainable EMP-like effects on any conductive objects entering the target area, due to production of surface currents and EM induction (read — frying electronics in missiles and planes). Obviously, weather modification as well.

Mark – absolutely fabulous Boston link. Thanks for sharing it! 😀

Could be some sort of sound wave ?

Interesting clouds. They kinda remind me of roll clouds and look kinda similar.

Chinese dry-cured hams have been recorded in texts since before the Song dynasty and used in myriad dishes. Several types exist in Qing dynasty cuisine and are used in dishes of stewing hams.

… what does chinese ham have to do with weather patterns?