Out of this World Lovers: Sex Crazed Space Aliens Visiting British Psychic for Romps in the Sack

Out of this World Lovers: Sex Crazed Space Aliens Visiting British Psychic for Romps in the Sack


A British woman appeared on the popular ITV1 television show This Morning last week to talk about the, quite literally, “out of this world” orgasms she experiences thanks to visitations of sex crazed extraterrestrials.

Stephany Cohen, a self-described psychic, says the “greys” have been visiting for quite some time now and she even went so far as to say they are capable of giving her a better sexual encounter than with any human counterpart. Oh, and she also has her own UFO to fly out of the solar system with.

Cohen claims the encounters happen mainly at night and more often than not, the sexual encounters she experiences seem to happen while she is asleep.  She also went on to tell journalists that her grey visitors appear under the guise of “octopus people” or even “cat people”.


“He is an Octopus Man, he stays quite close to me,” she told the presenters. “Like a spirit boyfriend, well not a boyfriend. A good spirit friend. He happens to be from the octopus race. All of them indulge in sex, but particularly the cat people are extremely, highly charged sexually and its part of the cat people culture.”

When host Holly Willoughby asked Stephany if she might just be dreaming all of this up, Stephany actually agreed. Sort of.

“A dream is a friendly way of letting you know what you’ve been doing without scaring you. That’s what dreams really are. People would actually be afraid if they were face-to-face with an alien.”

To watch the entire segment, including a test given to Stephany’s “spirit guides” by professor Chris French, hit the video below. Of course, the whole thing only makes me think of this clip.

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