My Spidey Senses are.. Itching? Horrifying Urban Legend Comes To Life

My Spidey Senses are.. Itching? Horrifying Urban Legend Comes To Life

This terrifying photo of a spider in an ear canal is brought to you by Rednet via Weibo


Have you ever gotten an insatiable itch inside of your ear that you were unable to scratch? Ever considered that your real-life spidey-senses just might be tingling?

What could be worse than a large eyed, furry, fanged creature sneaking up to you and trying to crawl into your ear? (And no, we don’t mean that “creepy uncle”)

A woman in China recently visited Changsha Hospital after an itching sensation became worrisome, only to discover a horrific urban legend come to life: a spider had begun to make a home for itself within in her ear canal while she was sleeping.


Doctors were able to remove the friendly neighborhood spider using a saline solution, aggravating the spider out of its new home. Luckily she didn’t try to scratch her inner ear, as it only would have made matters worse. It was speculated to have been living inside her ear for approx. 5 days.

If caught in the same situation, we’re confident playing any track by Justin Bieber would also be an effective treatment plan, if not just as effective as a .45 magnum.

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