Strange Shadows, Moans Reported in "Haunted" Facility, Investigators Find No Ghosts... But a Brothel

Strange Shadows, Moans Reported in “Haunted” Facility, Investigators Find No Ghosts… But a Brothel

Image credit: Soulfilre Photography

Image credit: Soulfilre Photography

If you’re hanging around a haunted house near a graveyard, you’re bound to hear eerie moans in the night. In this case, these were moans of pleasure. Mo Hong’e of ECNS Wire picks up the story from here:

A 58-years old local from Wushiling village, Wenku town was the first to notice scary white shadows dangling in the windows at night.

Several other farmers who passed the supposedly deserted facility also thought they saw strange happenings at night. During the day, the door and windows were all closed.1

Turns out a recently unemployed, but enterprising, gentleman organized a whorehouse at the site. Cops nabbed him, and the ladies, when they spotted a guy chauffering customers to the makeshift brothel for a night’s fun.


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  1. Coppertop

    06/14/2015 at 4:35 PM

    To be fair, belief in hauntings and the restless dead is much more prevelant than it is here, so I can see this being an acceptable dodge. Not a good one, though.

    … That said, where the heck did you guys find a picture of a sexy ghost reading a book?

  2. William Morris

    04/07/2016 at 2:43 PM

    Great Story !

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