Man Dismembers Roommate, Police Learn Details from "Entity"

Man Dismembers Roommate, Police Learn Details from “Entity”

Whatever you do, don't eat the marshmallows.

A man accused of murdering and dismembering his roommate is currently on trial, and just days ago the jury heard tapes of the police investigation where an “entity” speaking through the accused killer provided information pertaining to the investigation.

40 year old Ernest Allan Hosack is being tried in the British Columbia Surpreme Court for the alleged 2008 murder of his roommate of one month, 54 year old Richard Falardeau; an event that led to a gruesome dismemberment which made identifying the body next to impossible.

Hosack and Falardeau met in June of 2008, with the two moving into an attic apartment together shortly thereafter. Police would later find Falardeau’s thumbs, anus, scrotum, and testicles stored in a marshmallow bag in the apartment’s freezer, and his skull in a marsh off of King George Boulevard.

As if that wasn’t eerie enough, most of the authorities’admissions of fact came from a bizarre 12 hour interview with Hosack in which an “entity” calling itself Ernie Goochie Goochie Goo, purportedly the spirit of Hosack’s great grandfather, spoke through the defendant about terraforming the earth, nuclear power, and why he dismembered Falardeau: he didn’t like his roommate messing with his stuff.


“You would call it murder,” the entity told police. When asked why he decided to store select parts of the body in his freezer, the entity answered that he “froze them in hell” because his roommate was tampering with his belongings “for ill will”. He removed the thumbs to prevent Falardeau from “meddling” with things and mentioned that he died “faster then he ever thought possible” when he saw his grandson “snap his head like a twig”. According to the entity, he then “appropriated” the soul and “scattered” it for his grandson.

All my great grandfather ever did for me was share his Worther’s.

The trial is expected to wrap up in late August. For more on this completely bizarre story, including Hosack’s claims of special designs stolen by crackheads and an apocalyptic host of angels ready to be released, you can head over to The Province.


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