CCTV Camera Captures Best Paranormal Evidence in 10 Years, Ghost Hunters Claim

CCTV Camera Captures Best Paranormal Evidence in 10 Years, Ghost Hunters Claim

A CCTV camera in a café in Perth, UK, has captured what local ghost hunters are calling the, “most striking piece of paranormal evidence captured in the last 10 years”.

Dan Clifford, the café owner, contacted Paranormal Investigation Scotland (PIS) after witnessing something on his security footage that sent chills down his spine. He’s convinced what the camera has captured is none other than the ghostly apparition of a woman, floating over a table for two.

“The first time I saw the shadow moving on the camera my heart went nuts. I thought there was an intruder in the shop. But when I looked closer I realized it couldn’t be a live human being – I could see right through it.”


The footage was captured at night after something unknown triggered the security alarm’s motion sensors. At first Clifford thought it might be an intruder breaking into his Vintage Tea Room, but upon further investigation he realized the body, or what looked to be a body, was completely translucent.

This, Clifford claims, is not the only strange instances happening in the café. He reports instances of touching, whispering, and even a slew of psychics who have popped in to let him know his establishment is being haunted.

Clifford has also recently added a new arsenal of cameras capable of still and video, and meant to be triggered by anything larger then a cat.

“We want to prove to any sceptics that we have not tampered with any images.”

In the mean time the Paranormal Investigators Scotland plan to visit Dan and The Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room next month for an over-night investigation to search for signs of the supposed camera friendly ghost. Here’s hoping she’s ready for her close-up.

So what do you think, does this look like the best paranormal evidence in the last decade to you? If you haven’t made up your mind yet, let me offer you a little hint: Paranormal Investigators Scotland is not actually a gang of nerds with flashlights, but a strictly for-profit ghost tour company. You don’t need to be a psychic to see what’s happening here..

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