Woman Sues Catholic Church, Claims Sexual Assault During Exorcism

Woman Sues Catholic Church, Claims Sexual Assault During Exorcism

Thomas J. Euteneuer

An unnamed woman is suing the Catholic Diocese of Arlington Virginia and Human Life International for sum of 5.3 million dollars. The lawsuit pertains to alleged sexual abuse during an exorcism. Accused is Father Thomas J. Euteneuer, who was then the acting president of the HLI.

The woman at the head of the lawsuit, who is only named as Jane Doe, claims she was told by Father Euteneuer that she was possessed by evil spirits, and was in need of an exorcism. Euteneuer assured the woman it had been approved by the Catholic Church, a claim the Diocese denies.

It was during these rituals when Doe alleges that Father Euteneuer  sexually abused her, explaining it was only part of the exorcism ritual. In July 2010 Doe made a formal complaint and Euteneuer was recalled to the Palm Beach Diocese, where he underwent counselling for his behavior.

Just two years ago, Euteneuer wrote a book titled Exorcism and the Church Militant in which he claims that modern society needs exorcism “more than ever”.


“With Exorcism and the Church Militant I hope to undo myths and misunderstandings surrounding exorcism, and issue a call to my brother priests and our faithful bishops,” Father Euteneuer told Christian News Wire in a 2010 interview. “Our culture is ever more saturated with enticements to the occult and other dangerous spiritual and moral choices. Clarifying what exorcism is and underlining the urgency for both clergy and the faithful is key if we’re going to start confronting Satan where he is making so much headway, in our homes and communities.”

He also hates Harry Potter, Twilight, and “soft core” witchcraft like Wicca, claiming that they act as dangerous portals to the occult. “Gateways to real hardcore stuff”, he says.

Euteneuer was not named in the lawsuit, settling with Jane Doe out of court for an undisclosed amount and issuing a statement saying,”I take full responsibility for my own poor judgment, my weakness and my sinful conduct that resulted from it.”

Maybe he read too many young adult novels.

For more, visit the New York Daily News.


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