Pair-a-eidolia: Miracle as Jesus Discovered in the The Sole of a Dirty Sock

Pair-a-eidolia: Miracle as Jesus Discovered in the The Sole of a Dirty Sock

People see the strangest things in the most unlikely places. From the Dutchess of Cambridge on a Jelly Belly to varicose veins that spell, we see what we want to see; and it seems a whole lot of people want to see Jesus. He is everywhere, after all. Even on Walmart receipts, apparently. But where could he possibly turn up next?

Crane’s “Jesus Sock” (the ‘face’ appears on the lower right of the sock)

Enter Sarah Crane, 38, from Orpington, England. This time, the image of Jesus appeared on her clothesline. She snapped a few photos to immortalize the face, which apparently was a wise move, since it became distorted when she removed it from the line to place it on a makeshift “shrine” she was constructing for it.

“Unfortunately, it’s not quite good enough to donate to our local church,” Crane told the Daily Mail, “but our friends have all been round to see it.”

Attempts to profit from similar bizarre holy relics have had mixed results. The Virgin Mary on grilled cheese sold for $28,000 in 2004. An attempt to sell the Jesus Chair (a rocking chair with the “face of Jesus” on it) for $25,000 failed miserably this summer. Other objects (including the Jesus Fish Stick, Jesus frying pan, and stinky Jesus bleached sock) have been a short-lived curiosity. We won’t even get started on the dog butt Jesus sightings.


Soon you might be able to make your very own edible holy relic. Not yet available (but under development as we speak) is the Grilled Cheesus sandwich toaster! Of course, if you’re not fond of waiting, there’s a Jesus Toaster that seemed to be a hit (with some people) this holiday season.

Blasphemy never tasted so good.


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