Paranormal Investigators Find Ghost of Racist Dog. We're Not Kidding.

Paranormal Investigators Find Ghost of Racist Dog. We’re Not Kidding.

The legendary 617 Squadron with their unfortunately named canine mascot. His name, is uh.. well…

Scampton, England based ghost hunting team Paranormal Lincs believe they have been in contact with the spirit of a legendary labrador with an, uh, unfortunate name.

PL recently spent two evenings investigating the Royal Air Force base in Scampton after rumors that a ghostly hound was, ahem, dogging the base staff. The phantom pooch was even spotted in photographs taken at the base since the 80’s.

The canine in question belonged to Wing Commander Guy Gibson, and served as the mascot of the 617 squadron until he was hit by a car the day before the squadron’s famous “Dam Busting” raid on May 17, 1943.  The dog was buried on the grounds of the RAF base in Scampton, complete with a grave marker bearing the lab’s name, a name which has definitely not aged very well: “Nigger”.

Paul Drake, one of the 12 ghost hunters involved in the search, told This Is Linconshire that the team was “euphoric” over their discovery.


“I have done 63 investigations and it has been the most active one we have done with the equipment,” he said. “We were euphoric. It was one of the best investigations we have done. The rest of the team and I were buzzing for two or three days.”

The team were convinced of their find when they recorded what they called a “dog sized” cold spot on the wall of Gibson’s old office, as well as phantom growls in their EVP recordings and “strange” equipment readings.

The burial place of, um.. uh.. the dog named.. uhh.. err…

Oh, and let’s not forget the speech activated orbs.

“We took a lot of photos of orbs and a lot of them we could rule out because of dust. But when they appear when you ask them to, you start to ask questions.”

The team is convinced that they’ve located the ghost of Gibson as well, but to be sure, they’re planning an investigation to his favorite pub in hopes he may just show up. Judging by the name of Gibson’s dog, this ghost may actually be one of the few wearing a white sheet.

I have a feeling that our incoming search terms are about to go to a very bad place.

For more on the world’s most unfortunately named dog, and, oh Jesus, his master, check out his Wikipedia entry. For more on Paranormal Lincs, you can visit their official website.


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