UFO Contact On The Rise In Ireland

UFO Contact On The Rise In Ireland

The quickest way to the end of the rainbow, obviously.

It would seem that UFO sightings are on the rise in the emerald isle, at least according to the UFO Research Association of Ireland. Reports of UFO incidences have been on the increase over the past 3 years by a whopping 70%, says the URAI. In the year 2011 alone there was a reported 59 incidence, a massive leap from merely 35 in 2009.

Founder Adam Tallon believes there are two explanations for this increase in extraterrestrial contact. “The first being that there wasn’t really any place to report incidence prior to our organization, and secondly I would attribute it to people being more comfortable reporting an incident compared to say 10 years ago.”

Those reporting any otherworldly contact can do so anonymously, which also might explain the rise in reports being filed away by the UFO Research Association of Ireland.

For more info, visit Irish Central.



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