Video of Captured Bigfoot Surfaces In Local Russian News Broadcast

Video of Captured Bigfoot Surfaces In Local Russian News Broadcast

The alleged Sasquatch in Russian captivity appeared on the news last evening, sparking some hilarious debate

Bigfoot enthusiasts received an extra special gift this Christmas, when word came out that a Russian hunter had not only found a Sasquatch alive, but that he had managed to capture it. The intriguing claim couldn’t have come at a better time, considering the big let-down Squatch hunters received when the BBC released it’s DNA analysis of the legendary Pangboche Yeti hand on Monday.

News of the capture first cropped up on the Russian website Mail.Ru, and since none of us speak Russian, we let google translate handle the hard work. It’s not perfect, but you’ll get the idea:

A few days ago in the area Dzheyrahskom hunter saw the bear grabbed the sheep and dragged into the woods. The hunter went after him, fired several shots, after which the animal jumped on two feet and disappeared into the woods. Today, the border guards conducted a sweep of the area and found a small valley, a strange animal “- quoted Lenta.Ru Minister of Labour and Social Development Bagaudin Marshani Ingushetia.

The Snowman was brought to a rest home in the village of the FSB, on the border of Surkhakhi Nazran district of the republic, and placed in a zoo (cage). The Minister argues that the captured animals – the female two meters tall, stands upright and produces incomprehensible sounds. It feeds on plant and animal food.


A captured Yeti? Then who gives a shit if the Pangboche hand turned out to be human? Well, don’t celebrate yet, because it would appear that Squatchers everywhere might want to brace for another disappointment.

Footage of the creature made it’s first appearance on the area news last night, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who laughed out loud when it appeared on screen, angrily, if somewhat unenthusiastically, shaking the bars of it’s cage. Mind you, this footage appeared, apparently seriously, as a television news story:

So, what do you think? Did they capture a live Sasquatch and put it on display? Or is this some kind of bizarre publicity stunt that’s managed to fly over the heads of English speaking Bigfoot hunters? Regardless, you have to admit that you laughed when you saw the furry dude just cruising around behind the Minister.

UPDATE: As we suspected, the video has turned out to be a publicity stunt, specifically aimed at drawing attention to low income families. How Bigfoot fits into helping the poor must have been lost in translation. Russian YouTube user PilatN helped shed some light on the situation this morning:

Marshani said that with this “Christmas jokes” the republic’s authorities have decided to draw public attention to the problems of orphans and children from poor and low income families. Residents of Ingushetia and the neighboring regions, who came to look at the “snow man”, could donate any amount to charity. The role of “bigfoot” performed official holiday home which is located at the zoo.

This information is hardly going to sway the opinions of hardcore Squatch fans, but if that isn’t enough to convince you, this video of the hunter capturing the “beast” probably will.


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