New UFO Flap Emerges in England: Hinckley Swarming With Unidentified Flying Objects

New UFO Flap Emerges in England: Hinckley Swarming With Unidentified Flying Objects

Hinckley Town Centre

Since the last few days, Hinckley, a market town in Leicestershire, England, has been swarming with alleged UFO sightings, many of which, luckily, have been and properly documented. What may have caused this sudden outburst of extraterrestrial activity?

On May 31, two separate witnesses noticed UFOs hovering over the Hollycroft area, according to The Hinckley Times. At 1.35am, one witness observed a yellow light shooting across the skies:

“I saw a bright light, about the size of a usual plane, above the Hollycroft area, but there was no sound. There may have been a red tinge to the light, but it was mostly yellow. No lights were flashing, so I’ve ruled out planes, and it was also travelling at a steady speed, to the east of my position. It mostly went in a straight line, but wavered every now and then. I watched it until it went behind some trees outside of my view.”


Another witness saw a blue light at about 9.20am.

“I was sitting in Marcian Close, Hinckley, when I spotted a blue light travelling at speed. It moved across the sky very quickly at first, and then hovered from side to side before disappearing – less than 20 minutes later, the same, or similar light, was again spotted by my partner, who alerted me. I tried to take pictures on my iPad – the light appeared to be above the Hollycroft estate area.”

The Leicester UFO Investigation Network and the Hinckley Aerial Phenomena Investigations volunteer Graham Hall, said to Hinckley Times that they are currently collecting more and more witness accounts of similar phenomena.

“What’s interesting is that these occurred at separate times. It seems likely that this could be a Chinese lantern as it on a weekend and people may had a party or something like that. But we won’t know for sure until we investigate further… But a blue light on its own in the sky is actually illegal and very rare – lights on an aircraft should have a white flashing light or some other colour… We need to investigate further to research the possibilities of what it could be.”

Of course, similar accounts have surfaced from earlier in May. On May 6th, “an extremely bright red pulsating light hovering low in the sky” was seen above a car park in the leisure center. “At the rear of the main red light the witness said there appeared to be a ‘tail’ of some kind that was apparently being illuminated by the main light.”

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