Budd Hopkins: Digging Up Rare Interviews With One of the Key Figures in Vintage Ufology

Budd Hopkins: Digging Up Rare Interviews With One of the Key Figures in Vintage Ufology


A long time ago, investigations into alien abductions and missing time were serious business, eschewing modern snark and cynicism.

One of the leading lights in the field of UFOlogy was Budd Hopkins. A Guggenheim fellow, his art included in the permanent collections of highly respected museums, Budd’s other specialty was investigating alleged UFO sightings and abductions.1

If this is your first time delving into UFOlogy, you’re in for a treat. Footage from the official Henry McKay UFO Archives featuring Budd, a few abductees, and a hypnotist specializing in abduction regression is making the rounds on ufosupclose‘s brand new YouTube channel.


First, Budd draws a provocative parallel between alien contact and the Holocaust. He maintains people in the early 20th century wouldn’t believe the reality of the Holocaust, considering the sheer magnitude of Hitler’s atrocity. Same goes for alien abductions, the mind-blowing possibility of interacting with actual extraterrestrials is beyond comprehension for Joe and Jane Six Pack, and their government representatives.

Joining the program are Debbie Tomey and Dorothy Wallace. At the age of 19, Debbie believed she was pregnant by her boyfriend, only to discover the fetus had vanished a few months later. Next, Dorothy gives the details of her multiple abductions, illustrating why you should actually look into the tissue after blowing your nose, since you might find some alien tech! Finally, hypnotherapist Dr. David Gottlieb outlines the challenges of separating the abductees from the wannabes.

Discussions of hybrid breeding programs, repeat abductions, alien implants, and other high strangeness make for compelling television. Leave your thoughts on our Facebook page, on Twitter @WeirdHQ, or in the comments below!


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