UFOs Photographed in Space: Giant Mystery Object Snapped Next to Mercury

UFOs Photographed in Space: Giant Mystery Object Snapped Next to Mercury

Is there a UFO hanging out by Mercury?

NASA telescopes have recently photographed what appears to be a gigantic “object” poised next to the planet Mercury. As you can imagine, UFO hunters are already claiming the photograph to be that of a cloaked alien ship. The image was captured Tuesday night, after a huge flare raced passed the planet.

The image began circulating around the internet last week after YouTube user sinXster uploaded a video of the images, describing the object as “cylindrical on either side and with a shape in the middle.” The video has since reached over 100,000 views, and has stirred debate on either side of the UFO/astronomy camps.

Since the subsequent upload of sinXster’s video, the image has been analysed by the United States Naval Research Laboratory, which simply debunked it as being an image of mercury from the previous day. This, obviously, hasn’t shaken the believers who continue to rally around the photograph as more indisputable evidence of extraterrestrial life.
More info at The Daily Mail.


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  1. Flucksy

    02/25/2013 at 6:55 AM

    How do they know it’s next to mercury from a photograph? It also seems to be the size of the planet, so that thing would be fucking HUGE.

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