Exorcism Conference Comes to Oklahoma February 5-8th

Exorcism Conference Comes to Oklahoma February 5-8th

Are you a priest engaged in regular spiritual warfare with demons? This convention is for you!

If you’re a priest looking for something to do the weekend of February 5th, look no further!

Tulsa, Oklahoma is again hosting the second annual ‘Conference on the Rite of Exorcisms in the Latin Church’. Unfortunately the conference is not open to the general public, but only those priests who are currently, “…engaged in the church’s pastoral care of those afflicted by extraordinary demonic activity”.

Those unlucky priests currently unengaged in “regular demonic activity” will have to wait to shell out their $175 fee once they’ve levelled-up.

The official registration pamphlet states the conference is meant for: “understanding the development of the rite of exorcism in the Latin church with an in-depth analysis of the Latin text.” Sounds about as interesting as paint drying.


For those looking for a bit more pizzazz in their exorcisms, I’m sure Ryan Buell has a lecture going on the same weekend. Keep in mind you’ll be paying three times as much, but then again, you’re paying for the laughs aren’t you?

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