Terrifying Haunting by Murdered Woman's Ghost Causes Killer to Confess

Terrifying Haunting by Murdered Woman’s Ghost Causes Killer to Confess

wraithPity Sombot Samuk, late of Phu Wiang, Thailand, who remarried after losing his first wife. His new bride, Orn Donkanha, had a predilection for being a shrew. Weathering numerous scoldings, Sombot lost his cool after a shadow puppet performance when Orn just wouldn’t let up on his kids being no good, and how he’s kicked out of the house.

There’s no excuse for bashing in someone’s brains and dumping them in a pond. Sadly, he still couldn’t find peace.

The accused told police that while he was in hiding he dreamed about the dead woman every night, and she told him to surrender to police or she would continue to haunt him in his dreams.1

Three days later, Sambot turned himself in. Hopefully both parties can find peace. So, ghosts or guilt? Shoot your big fat mouth off on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or in the comments below.



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