Bigfoot Snapped In Vermont? New Photograph Appears to Capture Sasquatch on Camera

Bigfoot Snapped In Vermont? New Photograph Appears to Capture Sasquatch on Camera

Is Bigfoot alive and well in the state of Vermont? He very well may be, if a batch of recently released trail cam photos aren’t simply a case of misidentification.

In February of this year, Steve Kulls, a fairly well-recognized bigfoot chaser, had an interesting trail camera photo sent to him by a retired foreman by the name of Frank. Frank, having noticed the apples were quickly disappearing from his apple tree, decided to set up a nightvision trail camera to catch the cuplrit. What he found, caught even him by surprise.

Initially, the photos showed only a curious coyote or two poking around the yard, but eventually, around midnight on September 2nd, 2010, the camera snapped something that most definitely does not look like a coyote.


Is it bigfoot? The jury is still out. Early last year, a similar looking image cropped up online, a photo which is now widely believed to have been a sickly bear cub. Some believe that Frank’s, on the other hand, might even be an owl. What do you think?

For a more in-depth analysis on the latest Bigfoot cam show, check out Steve Kull’s Squatch Detetective website.


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  1. Miss_Majic

    05/09/2011 at 1:50 PM

    I can definitely see why people are saying it’s an owl, there’s a wing there fo sho. Would need to see more images…

  2. John Dockum

    05/09/2011 at 6:16 PM

    Despite Dr. McAbee’s insistence that the border shadow on the animal is large, if you compare it to the coyote photo it is huge indicating that the body of that object is quite a bit off the ground. Also, his theory is true, but his diagram fails to take into account a directional light source being ridiculously close to the actual lens. This would limit the size of the shadow itself. I discount the notion that you can discern fur from owl down in a blurry photograph. As for the “appendage” with grass in front of it, according to Dr. McAbee’s drawing, that can’t be on the ground because the upper body would cast an identical border shadow onto a distant appendage identical to one cast upon the grass and it does not exist.

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