Craft Down: Witches Banned From Flying Above 150 Meters In Swaziland

Craft Down: Witches Banned From Flying Above 150 Meters In Swaziland


Just an FYI to all witches living in Swaziland, you’ve been officially forbidden to fly your brooms higher than 150 meters, or  you risk the possibility of an arrest and a hefty $55,000 dollar fine.

Sabelo Dlamini, Swaziland’s Civil Aviation Authority marketing and corporate affairs director declared the news to the Swazi-press, while answering questions about a wayward toy airplane.

Witchcraft is no joking matter in Swaziland, a country rooted in their belief of witchcraft and dark magic. The residents of Swaziland believe so strongly in magic that all witchdoctors are required to pay an annual tax to the government of $1.50, a fee most residents believe should be much higher. Recently a campaign to help reduce the spread of HIV by way of circumcision failed to produce much interest as most of the Swazi population believed the discarded skin would be sold to witches for magic.


Witches were not the only people excluded from flying above the mark, children’s kites and helicopters were also banned from rising into country airspace.

So for now witches, try to keep those brooms under the 150 meter restriction and its smooth sailing…or rather, flying.

Big thanks to @adamorbit on twitter for the tip!

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