Steppin' Out (Of Frame): Was Bigfoot's Leg Captured on a Trailcam? Or..

Steppin’ Out (Of Frame): Was Bigfoot’s Leg Captured on a Trailcam? Or..


In the latest “almost got ‘im” Sasquatch news, this newly released trail cam image is the cause of some chattering in the Bigfoot hunting community, with many believers saying that the big hairy leg on the left hand side belongs to a North American Man-Ape… but I think it’s something else.

Despite the date stamped on the image, the trail cam photo was snapped in September of 2012, though was wasn’t made public until it was posted on The Weather Network this April. The details that surround the image are unfortunately scarce, as the man who posted the snapshop, Ken Cook, only stated that the photo was from Grand Rapids, Manitoba.

His original post:



The definition on the leg is pretty well defined, enough to guess that it’s some kind of leg without seeing the rest of the creature. Some Bigfoot hunters are saying that the image is just too good, and that something about it is off. Others are guessing the leg actually belongs to a hairy human, because Bigfoot has killer thighs and this just doesn’t cut it.

Guys, how come no one has suggested the obvious compromise yet? It’s totally a werewolf. Lest you think I’m kidding, note that they’ve been known to stalk the Canadian wilderness.

What do you think of the mysterious trailcam photo? Is it Bigfoot? Is it a werewolf? Or is it just some hairy naked dude out for a woodland stroll at night (totally a werewolf)? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments below!


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