The Old Hag: Terrifying "Ghost Photo" Captured at Texas' Fort Worth Museum

The Old Hag: Terrifying “Ghost Photo” Captured at Texas’ Fort Worth Museum

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If you’re trying to stave off sleep, I’ve got the perfect picture to guarantee you’ll be up at 2am. A creepy-as-hell photo taken at Texas’ Fort Worth Museum of Science and History might take the cake for one of the creepiest potential ghost photos of all time.

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The image was snapped during an afternoon trip to FWM for a bit of fun, unfortunately what he photographed lurking around in the background was anything but.



What appears to be a… well, let’s be honest, a hideously disfigured old woman covered in soiled shroud, is lurking around in children’s section of the museum, surrounded by happy kids playing with no regard to the spooky sight near them.

The old hag’s arms are severely distorted, she appears to be standing inside a child-sized grocery cart, and that’s not even the weirdest part. The photographer, who submitted the image to Reddit under the name KRAMERisKRUNK, has absolutely no memory of anything remotely resembling a terrifying old lady standing in the background of his photo.


Obviously, plenty of people jumped in with their two cents, a museum employee who explained that a handful of security guards have had strange experiences like things being moved, particularly when the FWM hosted their Titanic exhibit.


Nothing else is known about the image, the possible ghost, or whether or not the Fort Worth Museum has a longer history of paranormal occurrences, especially in the childrens’ section. Regardless, you can’t deny that the image is pretty strange.

Is there a ghost haunting the Fort Worth Museum? Has a dark spirit from beyond the grave come back from the dead to re-stock shelves in a fake grocery store? Or did some woman with really deformed features just decide to wear a veil and ride around in a shopping cart? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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I thought it looked like it was wearing jeans too.

1) Everyone is assuming that “it” is a “she”. It looks a bit like long hair, kinda like there’s shawl/veil but breasts, face, legs, hips are all indistinguishable. The biggest reason you’re calling it a “she” is because that’s what Dana called it in the article, which is the same reason you’re presuming it’s a ghost/hag at all. Behold, crowd manipulation or maybe NLP if you buy into that. 2) Occam’s razor. Occam’s razor. Occam’s razor. 3) Yet another blurry photo of a supposed apparition. Those pesky ghosts just won’t hold still. Good thing they can still fool CCD’s the… Read more »

I can’t stop staring. It’s just so weird.

It’s weird, because it looks like the thing is sitting in the cart.. or standing.. of going right through it. I can’t tell. This is a really bizarre one.

It almost looks like feet, like its crouching on its toes…but I’m not sure how that would be possible, given the position of the rest of the body. Of course, that’s assuming it was human. I keep staring at what looks like a headpiece; it looks vaguely like headphones. But it definitely has something on its head that seems apart from the shroud.

Fake. Sweet tying to do to scare the kiddos, but total staged

Yikes, man.

I don’t know any ghosts that wear skinny jeans, floral top, matching flower headband, a wristlet wallet / purse, and matching red flats.

Also, this ghost casts a shadow.

Come on, sheep.

What’s wrong with what she’s wearing. FYI ghosts can turn up from any era, that includes your hippie theory. Though she doesn’t look like she just wondered in out of haight st. She looks more like Native American to me.

The light is responding to it as though it’s a solid body too. This is someone, not some – thing. Without CCTV showing the time, these photos could easily be someone dressed in that way looking at the random stuff there, and the cart is child sized so if she is stood behind it and is a full sized person, that would make sense too, along with the children not reacting because it’s just a woman doing the same as they are doing, so no cause for any alarm or reaction out of the ordinary. Her arm only looks distorted… Read more »

Look at the bottom shelf. Center…. a face in perfect detail. Scary looking. Just as much as the woman with a scull?… in her hand.

If this is a museum why does it look like a grocery store ?

Greg Newkirk

Never been a children’s museum before?

They have a large part of ours here

It’s set up to look like a grocery store, with fake food and fake registers so the kids can play store. It’s definitely the kind of place you’d notice someone out of place.

Why does it look like it’s wearing jeans?

It does look like it’s wearing jeans, and a flower headband and a floral shirt. It’s most likely a woman shopping and just a glitch with the camera…

The thing is, you CAN’T shop in there. It’s a fake store for kids to PRETEND they are shopping, so there is no way that a grown woman COULD be shopping there. I am not saying it is definitely paranormal, but it sure is strange given the circumstances.

Everyone in the photo is accounted for except the child wearing the same colors as the “ghost”. He probably made some quick movements (for only reasons that kids know) as the photo was snapped. Because I’m an expert.

I don’t see any kid wearing the same colors in the before picture? The blonde kid is the one in the foreground of the after.

While I don’t think it is what it is purported to be, that is a really weak explanation. Even the typical skeptic/scientific materialist would do better than that. Why not a simpler explanation? Why not consider that it was staged, and the kids were in on the ruse? Or perhaps it’s very skillful photo manipulation.

My experience tells me that these things are a very real part of our world, but this looks fake.

If “the hag” was an unexpected surprise, why is she centred in the photograph and why was this person photographing children in the first place.

Greg Newkirk

Just to play devil’s dvocate: lots of people really suck at framing their pictures, especially if they’re trying to capture action on a cell phone.

What baffles me is that everyone is so concerned with saying that the “hag” is wearing jeans, and not that some super fucked-up looking monster is riding around in a cart.

This child is not in the hag picture but wearing the same colors as the “ghost”. It’s probably him and some kind of result of fast movement during exposure.

I believe you are right. Look at the placement of the cart behind the child, it sure looks like the same one “the Hag” is using.

Case solved IMO. Good catch there.

The only thing that makes me wonder about that theory is the height discrepancy.

That’s what I was thinking, like he was jumping around when the photo was taken

I can see what you are saying. The 2 things that would make me guess that is not it are the kid in the grey shirt was headed behind the big bins in the first pic and wouldn’t be visible for the second pic and if he was jumping around I think the little boy in the blue shirt would be looking at him. He seems completely unaware there is someone/thing in front of him.

For one the kid isn’t tall enough to be the ghost image in the back..either that is a amazing photoshop or a real entity..

Good call! You can see something red and something yellow in the kids cart and you also see the same items in the “hags” cart, the kid you are referring to has clearly caught the attention of the little kid with the blue shirt in the before photo and in the last photo he is still looking at him as he heads in that direction. I say you’ve done it again Holmes!

So did he also grow his arms to an unusually long length and sprout an extra almost foot in height as a gag, too? If you are talking about the kid in the gray shirt and dark shorts, if you look at him in relation to the red shelves his head barely comes to the top of them, but in the picture with the “thing”, its head is WELL above the top of those shelves. Also, those carts are not the sturdiest in the world, there is no way a good sized kid could stand in them without falling over.… Read more »

I almost spit my coffee across the room **points up to Zazz Afrazz*^^^^ “buying a sammich” BAHAHAHAHA!!

Ghosts would OBVIOUSLY be into history – why are we discriminating against this dudes nostalgia??

Strange Creatures like This have And Always Will be a Part of Our Haunted Planet!!..

Its too bad Fact or Faked isn’t still on tv. They could figure out whats going on.

That is definitely very odd.

My daughter had a panic attack while doing through the Titanic exhibit at that museum. She said she felt very weird and couldn’t breath. As soon as we exited the exhibit she was fine.

Here I was thinking that after I die grocery shopping would be over forever.
So here we have a ghoul, ghost, something that is trying to grocery shop.

There is a Hell after all, and it doesn’t have a double coupon Monday.

it has also left a bottle of water or something on the top shelf .Now thats scary!

Bullshit! If your going to take a photo of your kid doing something you don’t put him off centre! This was purposely done!

I would normally agree with you but in this case if I were taking the pic, I would try to get as much of the surroundings since the surroundings is also the oddity that would make the pic more memorable.


In the last picture of the series the child on the aqua colored shirt in the lower left-hand corner appears to be looking right at the figure. It would be interesting to know what he was looking at.

The face looks odd, as though the individual has brownish gauze across the face..

I believe in ghost but this one for me is fake. I mean, why is it I can see her wearing jeans? And 2nd i see some stuff on her trolley like bottle or bread or whatever long item than is then 3rd i could see her hand is holding something but due to fast movement of her hand i can’t tell what it is… Like the guy said he didn’t remember anyone behind that kid but why is there a trolley? I’m guessing someone left it there so that someone can go back and grab something what she forgot.… Read more »

It was really cool, that the photographer, not knowing the ghost was there was able to capture both of them dead center in the pic. Also, is that a ghost bottle and box that appeared on the shelf?

Probably ET catching up on some grocery supplies.

For me, the jury is still out. I studied the picture over carefully last night, and enlarged it. For awhile, I did think it was faked, but now I am not so sure. One reason I don’t think it’s fake is that it is so unusual looking. Generally speaking, few people have much of an imagination. I don’t think a person faking this could come up with anything so weird, confusing, etc. However, that is speculating on a motive, something that is entirely non-scientific, so take my rationale with a grain of salt…as you should with any other commentary that… Read more »

I think it is just unintentionally creepy and it is a lady dressed oddly and out of focus. But who knows.
For all I know it could be a real mystical being.

Wow, stole this entire article from you guys, word for word.

This is a hoax. One, the canister on top next to the stupid image is not in the before picture and two, the milk container on the floor isn’t there any more.

Did you also notice that the two items on the shelf below the elephants were gone in the second photo?

To Rafael: So did the photographer say that the photos were snapped consecutively? If so, can you provide a link to that quote. If the photographer did say that, then there might be grounds for suspicion.

I reviewed the OP, but do not see anything about that. I did go to Reddit and check the original thread. Maybe I missed it?

Not so scary -especially when you consider the “ghost” appears to be wearing blue jeans or possibly jean shorts on close inspection.

Honestly, so what if it is wearing blue jeans?! V everyone is saying that. Loads of people have died since the birth of denim. To me she looks like a Native American wearing a poncho and BLUE JEANS! Your point? Everyone’s POINT????

Looks like the new Dr Doom from the last Fantastic 4 flop.

No idea if its fake or not, but for everyone who thinks the hag is wearing jeans look again. If you zoom in, you can clearly see that it is a blue box in the cart and not part of the hag itself.

I live in Fort Worth, actually. Maybe I’ll go visit and see if the old hag is hanging around.

The figure is casting a shadow on the shelf. Is it expected that a creepy hag ghost could do this?

Just tuned in by way of Rich Reynolds’ recommendation. Yes an odd image and perhaps faked of perhaps a mistaken jumping kid in a toy cart blurred captured in the moment of his nefarious leap… But here ate some things so noted from comments above: – This is a children’s play area so don’t confuse it with your local H-E-B. – Adults also play with kids in these areas, so not unusual to have parents play acting in photos (probably not jumping in a cart though). – Parents snap photos of their kids – don’t ask dumb questions as to… Read more »

Please excuse typos – autocorrect nonsense.

Look at the kid in the blue…he keeps staring in the corner.

I don’t suppose it would make any difference to anyone if they knew this museum has several Islamic families that are members who visit on a regular basis and the women from those families dress in traditional Islamic garb? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this image – one of our Islamic guests caught while in motion. And yes – this is a children’s area, but parents are hardly discouraged from joining their children as they play, so there’s no reason this couldn’t be an adult. In addition, for those who say the figure is… Read more »

Just curious, but do you work here? Not to discount what you’re saying but it would be helpful in debunking this if you had real life experience with this place. Thanks!

What makes this photo more believable is the unclaimed trolley. im not really sure about this one???

If the photographer thought he/she had snapped something truly supernatural or even suspicious, really he/she would have contacted the museum and they would have reviewed the security camera footage. Every inch of every museum (especially anywhere children play) is on camera 24/7. I call hoax.

This looks fake with the boy not in the same place as he is in both pictures….one picture he is shopping, in the next picture he is at the counter checking out, plus the canister on the top shelf by the ghost is missing in one of the pictures…I think it is fake.

A few things jump out here: 1) The carts here are really tiny. See the taller girl in all of the pictures? She doesn’t appear to be even 13, but if she were to stand up straight, the front of that cart would be about knee-level. 2) There’s a space behind the set of purple shelves (full of plastic fruit, it seems) near the back of the picture. The kid in grey seems to be looking over there in one picture. It’s tall enough for our “apparition” to have been hidden there, especially if it was leaning down, like you… Read more »

Solved, I drew this pic of my theory.
comment image

Greg Newkirk


Ever heard of echoes? The spirit-energy equivalent to physical footprints or soundwave echoes. I’ve seen a few, and most seen are mistaken for ghosts. This just looks like an ancient woman, Inuit or some kind of Eskimo, folding furs and cloth, hence her leaned over posture. Her right elbow is under her fur shawl, and her wrist is close to her body but under the furs she’s handling. Her left hand would be holding the outstretched part of the fur. What is apparent of her face and hair seems to match this theory of her ethnicity. Sadly, I don’t have… Read more »

When I become a ghost I hope I have no interest in collecting plastic foods in an overpriced museum…

Looks like she is wearing a plastic rain poncho to me. But, what do I know.

We’ve taken our son there a few times and never heard of it being haunted. I am fascinated by this! We attended the Titanic exhibit as well. It seems unlikely to me that an actual woman would be there dressed like this and go unnoticed.

I like the fact that she is just chilling in a shopping trolley. She’s probably on vacation bless her.

This really reminds me of the gray lady ‘ghost’ captured at Hampton Court earlier this year. In that case, most people seemed to think it was some kind of artifact caused by the cell phone’s camera. A really really creepy artifact. (I’m not entirely convinced, but it may have been debunked more thoroughly when I wasn’t looking.) I really want to be skeptical of this shot, but I also really want to believe it, because it’s an awesome shot and I do believe in ghosts. But! It could just be a museum worker putting the stuff in the play… Read more »