Spirits of the Stanley Hotel: Ghost of "Lucy" Photographed at Haunted Hotel That Inspired "The Shining"

Spirits of the Stanley Hotel: Ghost of “Lucy” Photographed at Haunted Hotel That Inspired “The Shining”


The ghostly tales from Colorado’s Stanley Hotel are well-known and well-repeated, thanks in part to the fact that it inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. Now a ghost tour visitor believes that they’ve captured a photograph that lends credence to one of the hotel’s creepier legends.

Ohio native Stephanie Reidl was recently visiting the famously haunted hotel and decided to embark on one of the Stanley’s nightly ghost tours. After listening to their guide recount tales of the building’s numerous ghosts, Reidl and her coworker began to snap photos on their way to the concert hall basement. Upon reviewing the photographs, they captured the usual scattering of “orbs” – which we won’t get started on – but one particular image caught their attention.



The snap shows their tour guide descending the stairs, but to his left, hiding behind a table, appears to be the ghostly image of a young, dark-haired girl in a pink dress, her eyes reflecting in the camera flash. It’s an undeniably spooky image that they believe shows Lucy, one of the Stanley Hotel’s most famous phantoms.

“We were told to take lots of pictures, I’m sure to try and capture orbs or ghosts,” Reidl wrote. “Many green orbs were caught in pictures, but I don’t think anything is as creepy as this photo taken by my coworker- a little girl in a hot pink dress, who was definitely not on our tour… I am convinced this is the ghost of Lucy.”

The ghost of The Stanley Hotel's "Lucy"

According to the hotel, Lucy was a young girl about 13 years of age, believed to be a runaway, who had been squatting in the Stanley’s basement for some time many years ago. When maintenance men came to survey the basement before some major construction below the concert hall, the stumbled onto Lucy and she was forced to leave. That very night, temperatures dropped below zero, and she was later found dead, frozen by the elements. Today, many of the hotel workers and guests have claimed to have seen her.

Reidl says that she understands the skepticism that she might face by posting the image online, but swears that the photo is genuine.

“Though I doubt if anyone would believe me, but there was only ONE time throughout the tour where I felt any strange energy or feeling, and it was right here, heading down to the basement of the concert hall.”


Could Reidl be the first to finally capture an image of Lucy making her presence known from beyond the grave? Or was someone’s currently-living child wandering the halls of The Stanley Hotel at nine o’clock, hoping to scare guests on a spooky ghost tour? We want to know what you think! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave your comments below!

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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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Seems more like a case of pareidolia to me. It seems more just a combination of an out of focus camera and dark lighting


Here is my wife at the Stanley next to a little girl!!

Same stairwell opposite view!

Greg Newkirk

Holy shit, look at that!

Here is a Ghost Dog caught on the third floor Greg Newkirk


One of the little boys that roam the landings at each end

Greg Newkirk

Woah seems scary I want to go and see if I could see anything

Maylyn Brianne – the cloudy area is what we “perceive” as an entity there are about 8 pics that show this “whatever it is”, probably a mist moving across a hall

It was there, then was it? It’s the oddity we claim as “not normal” hence; paranormal

Thanks for the input!

Great picture!,you can see the wife’s shadow that is as tall as she is.Then the shadow next to here that’s the height of child ANd there’s that orb where the child’s body would be!. This and the picture of possible Lucy but def a ghost are the best I’VE seen yet!. Keep up the great picture taking.

It’s just a double shadow, happens all the time. One light source level with the woman casting a llife size shadow behind her and one light source higher to the right casting a short shadow to the left. Nothing unusual or paranormal here.

That is one big girl!

Where is the little girl? Are you referring to the shadow on the wall to the left? That looks like it would be your wife’s shadow. Hmmm.

Where is the little girl?

It’s her shadow to the left…

Sandra Mason , it’s easy to think that until you know the area was dark, no light, and the photo clip was taken fully in the UV range with no illumination except IR

It’s that “oddity” that’s not normal

No I meant it’s the little girls shadow….where the orb is. I’ve seen some of your other stuff !

I saw the orb, then reread, and looked for the shadow. Proof enough for me!

10-4, I was hoping you could solve the whole “do ghosts exist” and be an expert

Send me pics to look at. I’ve captured several ghosts on film

Is this’s the hotel in Durango or pagosa springs?

No, it’s in Estes Park near Rocky Mountain National Park.

There is an orb lower left in the corner!

Man, that’s … pretty convincing. And creepy as hell.

There is a group photo on the second floor of a family around a camp in the woods. There is a little boy sitting on his dads shoulders, if you look at it, his face is blurry. But if you take a pic of it, you can actually see his facial features.
I would love to do a ghost tour of the Stanley! My husband on the other hand says he will stay home.

The picture Stephanie took is kinda hard to believe. I love learning all about ghost and orbs but her picture is way to blurry. Even the guide is blurry. If you take pictures you know 99% don’t come out as blurry as hers. Show better pics like the ones with your wife in it and the orb and shadow to the left. Little more believable then Stephanie’s. Plan on doing some ghost hunt in San Francisco Bay Area. Good places out here. Thanks for your time

Great photo… I’m into Paranormal aswell

I see the orbs but i don’t believe the shadow on the stairs to be that of the little girl .

I was in the room they call the Lucy room out tour guide told us that Lucy was in her twenties. Some of us were given Dum Dum Lollipops I was one of the fortunate one that had the lollipop. We were in the room sitting and out of everybody mine was the only lollipop that fell over there was not any breeze in the room. All of us were asking questions to Lucy trying to get her to pick it back up. The only thing that was working was I asked her do you like Nei Diamond and the… Read more »

I have no doubts of that photo being a ghost. I captured a woman and a cat on my camera in the tunnel. It was brought to my attention while downloading pics onto my computer, by my non-believer husband! He asked if the hotel allowed pets. I said pets? He then pointed to a picture I had taken. Sure enough, there was a cat and a woman, both were transparent! I now snap pictures when at the hotel in hopes that I might randomly catch a resident ghost and her cat!

Awesome, will have to go back