Man finds creepy photo of a UFO on his phone, only he didn't take it

Man discovers eerie photo of a UFO close encounter on his phone, only he has no memory of snapping it…


If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I routinely peruse Reddit at one o’clock in the morning in search of paranormal terrors, and more often than not end up wide awake, sure I heard something scratching at my bedroom window. Last night was no different.

I found a post written by user Killerfishfinger in the Paranormal subreddit entitled “Found this photograph on my phone, have no memory of taking it…”, so obviously I took the bait. The “I found a photo I didn’t take” trope is actually a pretty common one as far as internet scares go, and they’re usually quick to disappoint, this picture, however, might be a different story.



The post stated that the owner of the picture had found it later the next day, but when he checked the details, the image in question had been taken at 22:51:22, which would have been impossible because he was sleeping by that time. At first glance the image is pretty boring, showing just two bright, inconspicuous lights that could belong to anything. Big deal, right?

Another user, Runner_one, decided to bring up the gamma in order to get a better look at what was happening in the darker sections of the image, and that’s when things got a whole lot more interesting. The strange photo shows what looks an awful lot like a man standing in a field looking up at a mechanical object hovering in the night sky, and according to Killerfishfinger, the man in the image isn’t him.


According to the OP, the faint tree-line in the upper right hand side of the photo somewhat matches the same row from a nearby wood at the front of his property. He explained that he lived alone, and had no idea who the other person in the image might be.

Obviously, there were many theories about the image, and some users thought it looked as if the picture had been taken inside and that the flash was actually caused from Killerfishfinger’s phone. However, that wouldn’t explain the mysterious man standing in his lawn, nor the fact that he had absolutely no memory of taking the photo in the first place.


Other people thought maybe Killerfishfinger had been sleepwalking, or perhaps that he had been using an app that had saved the image to his camera roll without his knowledge. And of course there were many who thought what we’re all thinking: that Killerfishfinger had been visited in the night… and possibly taken aboard a UFO.


Many users  pointed out that the two bright lights, and the faint shape behind it ,looked like quite a few other UFO sighting images recently taken in Mississippi, but in the end, no real conclusion could be made aside from just assuming that OP was lying.


Either way, the you can’t deny that the image isn’t pretty darn terrifying, and if Killerfishfinger is lying (which I personally don’t believe he is) it’s still a pretty great piece of creepypasta to find at 1 in the morning. Give the images a look over and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.16.31 PM


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Why do you assume the figure is looking at the lights? From the slope of the shoulders, it looks like someone looking at the person taking the picture. There is a light object of some sort carried in one hand. It would be the right hand if the person is looking toward the camera. Was someone trying to see inside the house in the middle of the night? That’s what it looks like to me.

In the image of just the figure it looks to be someone on their knees facing the camera.

Exactly what I see!

I agree. The figure seems to be looking at the camera

That is what I thought it looked like that when I looked at 1st pic.

You must be a visual artist- or good at human anatomy. I think you are spot on.

This looks an awful lot like an image I saw a few weeks back on /x/

I’ve seen one of those UFO’s, triangular with 2 large head lights, flying side to side dodging clouds at night moving at an airplanes pace in Australia. Looked man-made.

What a bizarre and chilling story! I love picking through photos like this — I’m a film editor and deal with a lot of images, figuring out tiny details, etc. I also played around with the photo in an image editing program I have and had the same results. The only thing that stands out as strange to me is the duplicated ‘half moon’ shape that appears a few times in the photo. Both the light source the figure seems to be holding, and the two small shapes in the sky look very similar in size/shape, like a white half… Read more »

I wasn’t scared until I read Al’s comment. It DOES look like someone facing the camera. I’m putting my phone under my mattress from now on. Or somewhere else. Very intriguing.

The figure in the picture looks to be coming toward the photographer. He could have seen it through his window and taken its picture which might have caused a flash reflection in the picture. I don’t have any idea who or what the figure could be, but the OP might want to check himself for scoop marks or weird cuts on his body, just in case the figure was an alien or military scientist coming to get him for experiments.

The two C-shaped spots below and to the left of the two bright lights are internal reflections of the bright lights rather than separate lights. Such reflections are caused by light reflecting off the face of the imaging chip and then off the inside face of the cover glass, back onto the chip. Such reflections appear as dimmer, inverted mirror images approximately across from the center of the photo (depending on how parallel the chip and the cover glass are). (This happens a lot if you photograph the moon with a DSLR camera with a flat filter on the front… Read more »


It looks like a man in a hoodie facing towards the camera to me. He has his hands stuffed in the front pocket that goes across the stomach. The lights could be a window reflection. It would definitely be a disturbing find that’s for sure!

First thing that crossed my mind was the opening paragraph in the first of the trilogy Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! I am not qualilfied in any way to comment one way or the other beyond that!

Is that a hoodie or maybe hair parted down the middle? Facial direction could go either way. If facing away It is easy to imagine a braid running behind the ears. Perhaps a lady?

About 2 years ago My Wife and I were out in the yard talking. It was about 9:30 PM. no moon or yard /street lights. Clear, very dark. The tree line was about 300 feet behind My Wifes back, We were facing each other. Suddenly two very similar looking lights came on about 100 feet above the tree line. A little larger, closer together and brighter than car headlights. Bright enough to light up the ground. As My Wife said “what’s that ” and began to turn Her head, they shut off. There was no sound. It was almost as… Read more »

That is very weird! That would creep me out too.

comment image

I was able to zoom in and sharpen/brighten a close-up of the alien? guy? from the eleventh picture (the one next to the tree line) that was on this site.

I hoped it creeped me out. Didn’t. I mean, he’s just another random person on the net who claims having clicked a photo “without his knowledge”. He’s amnesiac? Or did the “Aliens” used some sorta memory serum? Anyway this is too surreal. Maybe he woyld be laughing his ass now in his home. This could be a prank. The person in the image could be his friend or shit. And it can easily be Photoshopped. Who doesn’t Photoshop now?

‘UFO’ looks like an upside down car like a Beetle or similar.

There’s only really 3 explanations to this photo : 1. It’s a complete prank. The guy could’ve easily taken this photo by pointing his camera’s flash very close to a glass picture frame or painting showing a figure looking up at an empty sky. The flash would look like an bright UFO and a few basic Photoshop cleanup works later, you have a cool photo in your hands. He chose a good creepy tale to go with it and we have this picture. 2. It’s a photograph of an actual object, but of earthly origin and due to some wicked… Read more »
I began watching the sky every night since about a year ago when I was scared to death by very similar looking lighted flying things, began flying may be or hovering right at me and over me… I live in Decatur Alabama and see very strange lights almost every night, plus other strange things are happening now on a regular basis every time I come out to smoke at night I look at these lights looking crazy, doing strange things. I’m still not saying I believe in UFOs or aliens but I’m certainly more open to the possibility than I… Read more »
Crystal, I live in Boaz, and, in 2012, a couple of friends in Albertville saw 12 silver flying disks high up in the air. They tried taking pictures and videos but their phones at the time didn’t have good cameras. Anyway, after a few minutes, they said a red disk joined the others and they watched them for almost 20 minutes. One of them called the MUFON branch in Huntsville, and the guy who answered told him that lots of people in North Alabama had reported seeing the same craft in recent months. My friends have also told me they’ve… Read more »

Oh, WHY must I look at these things so late at night. Now I’m too creeped out for sleep!

Fascinating pic seriously! I feel so much better knowing someone else has the same thing happen. I have alot! So strange it almost takes ur breath away…this is real, the are the tall black muscular reptiles. Stranger yet, they always stand with their hands on their hips…I bet if u lighten more photos n defog them u wiil c alot more… I did the same thing n there r more. Also they blend into their environment. If trees are around they use for camouflage. They can bend n morph into any of the sorroundings they are in.

I’ve seen an aircraft that looks very similar, minus the red lights. It was about 12 years ago and my dad was driving me home from college. We were about 10 miles from home when I noticed really bright lights, like headlights but brighter, coming over the trees on the left. At first, I thought it was a small aircraft from the small airport nearby, but it became obvious it wasn’t. As it passed over the road above us I could see that it was a black triangle and I could even see detail underneath, like H.R. Giger mechanical looking… Read more »

Damn it… point of the story is it looked a lot like what I saw. And no I didn’t say anything to my dad, I was in awe and my dad is a bad enough driver as it is.

“the you can’t deny”???

In any case, it’s just Ron Weasley out for a fly…

What if the photo isn’t of a man being taken, but them coming to take him? Maybe he got a photo of the abductor.

very interesting

This is awesome!!


Go to the hospital?

This looks like a man flying a drone with attached lights

Looks like the flash reflecting off the inside of the window, and reflecting the photographer. Who was… Inside the house…

Reminds me of a documentary I watched about people sleepwalking in the night and can’t remember anything that happened.