Man finds creepy photo of a UFO on his phone, only he didn't take it

Man discovers eerie photo of a UFO close encounter on his phone, only he has no memory of snapping it…


If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I routinely peruse Reddit at one o’clock in the morning in search of paranormal terrors, and more often than not end up wide awake, sure I heard something scratching at my bedroom window. Last night was no different.

I found a post written by user Killerfishfinger in the Paranormal subreddit entitled “Found this photograph on my phone, have no memory of taking it…”, so obviously I took the bait. The “I found a photo I didn’t take” trope is actually a pretty common one as far as internet scares go, and they’re usually quick to disappoint, this picture, however, might be a different story.



The post stated that the owner of the picture had found it later the next day, but when he checked the details, the image in question had been taken at 22:51:22, which would have been impossible because he was sleeping by that time. At first glance the image is pretty boring, showing just two bright, inconspicuous lights that could belong to anything. Big deal, right?

Another user, Runner_one, decided to bring up the gamma in order to get a better look at what was happening in the darker sections of the image, and that’s when things got a whole lot more interesting. The strange photo shows what looks an awful lot like a man standing in a field looking up at a mechanical object hovering in the night sky, and according to Killerfishfinger, the man in the image isn’t him.


According to the OP, the faint tree-line in the upper right hand side of the photo somewhat matches the same row from a nearby wood at the front of his property. He explained that he lived alone, and had no idea who the other person in the image might be.

Obviously, there were many theories about the image, and some users thought it looked as if the picture had been taken inside and that the flash was actually caused from Killerfishfinger’s phone. However, that wouldn’t explain the mysterious man standing in his lawn, nor the fact that he had absolutely no memory of taking the photo in the first place.


Other people thought maybe Killerfishfinger had been sleepwalking, or perhaps that he had been using an app that had saved the image to his camera roll without his knowledge. And of course there were many who thought what we’re all thinking: that Killerfishfinger had been visited in the night… and possibly taken aboard a UFO.


Many users  pointed out that the two bright lights, and the faint shape behind it ,looked like quite a few other UFO sighting images recently taken in Mississippi, but in the end, no real conclusion could be made aside from just assuming that OP was lying.


Either way, the you can’t deny that the image isn’t pretty darn terrifying, and if Killerfishfinger is lying (which I personally don’t believe he is) it’s still a pretty great piece of creepypasta to find at 1 in the morning. Give the images a look over and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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