Grave of Sasquatch: Was Bigfoot Killed in Mount St. Helens' Eruption?

Visit the Grave of Sasquatch: Was Bigfoot Killed in Washington’s 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption?


Exactly 35 years ago this week, Washington’s Mount St. Helens erupted, blowing nearly a cubic mile of ash and boulders as big as buildings into the atmosphere, causing over a billion dollars worth of destruction. It remains the most deadly and destructive volcanic activity in the history of the united states, claiming the lives of 57 people… and possibly one cryptozoological creature.

buried car in mt st helens

The massive eruption of Mt. St. Helens caused massive streams of mud and silt to come roaring through the forest at speeds of up to 70 mph, destroying anything in their paths. One of the unfortunate victims of the eruption was a brand new A-frame house. By the time the dust had settled, the owners returned to find the home filled with 200 tons of ash and mud. The half-buried home still sits where it did nearly four decades ago, now the main attraction at the North Fork Survivors Shop, a roadside curiosity completely dedicated to the 1980 explosion of Mount St. Helens.


buried a-frame house north fork survivors shop

But while the A-frame might draw most of the attention, there is one piece of history on the property that’s a lot more interesting: Bigfoot’s grave.

north fork survivors shop

After the eruption, Sasquatch disappeared from the scene, leading many of the locals fearing that the disaster had killed their favorite local monster. After all, the Pacific Northwest has always been a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings, so it’s reasonable to think that the big hairy guy might have become a victim of the explosion. The North Fork Survivor’s Shop took it upon themselves to honor the untimely demise of the creature by erecting a gigantic sculpture of the beast, considered to be one of the largest Bigfoot statues in the world, and the only one marking his grave.

Bigfoot's grave in Washington

Today, the gigantic grave marker is hard to miss as you travel the Spirit Lake Highway in Toutle, Washington. For years, travelers have been stopping by the strange monument to pay their respects to the big guy, some even laying flowers at his grave.

While it might be easy to make a joke about how the eruption doesn’t seem to have made a noticeable dent in the Sasquatch population, consider this: Finding Bigfoot has been looking for the monster for half a dozen seasons now… and they still ain’t found him. Better pay your respects just in case.

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