Eagle-Eyed Conspiracy Theorists Discover "Alien Weapon" on Mars Surface

Eagle-Eyed Conspiracy Theorists Discover “Alien Weapon” on Mars Surface


Whatever you do, don’t remark about how it looks like an upside down sex toy.

Those Marvin the Martian shorts by Warner Brothers may not be entirely fiction, finds Paranormal Crucible.

The Curiosity rover has sent back images that some people are calling a weapon. Just looking at the photo, one would believe they’re legit making for an excellent link to share on the Facebooks.

Watch the video, it becomes clear there’s a lot of Photoshop shenanigans happening here.


Not only is the artifact darkened, and given a filter, but anything which could give a sense of scale has been cropped out of the image. Another red flag, they didn’t link to the sauce at NASA’s website.1

I’m not saying the possibility of high weirdness on Mars is completely ruled out. Our red neighbor has nearly 56 million square miles (144 km^2 for the rest of Earth) of rocks and regolith to explore. And looking at the original image, the “gun” might be something else.

turtletoitlelong_neckSeriously, Paranormal Crucible. A martian turtle’s more plausible than an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator. You just got greedy for attention!

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  1. http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00703/mcam/0703MR0029770280402315E01_DXXX.jpg Props to Alien Disclosure Group on Facebook for taking over 9,000 seconds to find it 

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Nasa already knows of ETs
When they tested my blood.
They sent it off to the highest forms of Gov – Who were amazed when my blood was not human at all.

human has done everything on the earth?