Who Dwells Within This Secret Garden?

Who Dwells Within This Secret Garden?

secret gardenWe have read and heard about all kinds of ghost stories. Some ghosts seem to be frightening, while others appear friendly.

I was checking out my Facebook page when I came across this photo of a photo of a garden. A garden with strange light effects. Being the ever so curious me, I decided to take a moment to read the post and examine the photo.

The photo was taken by Evanna from Ohio who has a secret garden she has been tending for the past twenty years. I contacted her about her experience. Evanna claims she stumbled upon the spook while mowing the lawn in her secret garden. When asked her about the location of her secret garden, she said “I can not tell you because it is a secret.” Well I guess it wouldn’t be a secret garden if everyone knew it’s location, right?

She continued; “I kept getting this feeling, a feeling like someone was following me. I was carrying my camera because I love to take pictures of my flowers and trees. I have been working very hard on them for twenty years keeping them up. I felt the presence again and quickly turned around and snapped a photo. When I returned home I placed my SD card into my computer and saw what appeared to be ghost, ghost in my secret garden.”


Could she have caught an honest-to-goodness ghost on film? Might this be ghost who thinks this is their secret garden? Maybe they followed her there?

Either way I must say, “Evanna, your secret garden is no longer a secret garden anymore, for someone else is enjoying the beauty you have worked on for so long.” Cheers!

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