Beam Me Up: East Aurora Just Got Weirder With UFO Signs!

Beam Me Up: East Aurora Just Got Weirder With UFO Signs!

beamedupSince the start of summer, citizens of the sleepy burg of East Aurora have been notcing something strange happening in their neighborhood. With summer halfway through, even their local media outlets like WIVB are sitting up and taking notice of the activity.

So far no one has been caught red handed, but Mayor Allan Kasprzak might have a clue.

“I believe it might be the East Aurora Food Cooperative that’s trying to get off the ground. That’s my hunch, but I’m not positive”1

Meanwhile, Sheila Convoy of the East Aurora Cooperative Market Project vehemently denies any involvement in these shenanigans.


While these accusations are surreal, the stuff of a Thornton Wilder novel, there’s something far stranger. According to MUFON there’s only been two reported UFO sightings in the past decade.

This one is from August 25th, 2012:

“I was driving my daughter to her friends apartment and this fireball appeared to the southwest. Daughter and I got out of the car and clearly saw the object. I first thought it might be a meteorite, but the trajectory and sameness of a flight path quickly dispelled that idea. I knew that this was not space debris as the object had a clearly defined shape, although its edges were in constant transmutation, but not severely so. Very odd. Lost sight of it as it went behind some trees, but We quickly got back into the car and turned northward to see it, but nothing there.”2

tellypathyAnd this gem from July 25th, 2008 where the witness telepathically communicates with an entity!

“i was out with my girlfriend getting away for a bit. we stopped off onto a dark road to park her car. when we stopped we shut off the car and opened the sun roof and began to look at the stars. after a bit we saw a few shooting stars after about the 7 or 8th i saw just above the pine trees maybe a few more feet above them a very big disk the back end gloved blue and the front had a strange color i would say at 1 point looked closet to purple . it moved slow at first and seemed to had shut off its lights but still moved above me as a dark mass over head it then moved over to the next set of trees and had gotten a real bright red and it just vanished right as it turned purple again.

now as i saw at first i said to my girlfriend lyzz hey lyzz look at that, but she didn’t reply i don’t know why she had just seen a shooting star seconds before that and now she was just lost in her own little word i guess i can put it seconds after it was gone she finely stopped staring out into the sky and said “what was that you were saying something about the energy in the sky?” i said nothing about the energy until after i had begun to notice a lot of it every were almost like heat waves coming out of the trees and going toward were this ship was just at. so i said nothing else of it to her. but i had decided for some reason to close my eyes and just say hello, right away i got in a almost loving way a and happy way and energetic way “and to you a good day” after that i had just received a lot of information i didn’t really posses until after getting home and thinking back to it. this voice had carried a image to me as well it would sound crazy but it looked just like light a being made of pure light but almost looked like a human at the same time. it told me over all because i had opened my mind to things such as its self I was free to speak with it and lyzz couldn’t she was just lost in the moment.

this is the biggest thing that’s happened to me in a whole week of strange sitings that only me and my friends had seen of other strange ships like that but seeing them for seconds and then gone in a flash. This time it stayed put long enough for me to really take a good look at it. I had Ben getting into channeling of things from other worlds and that’s why i had begun to notice the other things around me such as them the being had said to me, they are here all the time watching over us and they are not to be feared. Its because so many pepole fear and don’t truly understand them, they don’t have such open contact with us the voice had told me but within the next 9 years things will have changed a lot . Its up to us on how fast things will change on terms of open contact with others. An that is all i have learned and experienced from that one encounter.3

Are East Aurorans seeing things, but keeping mum about lights in the sky? Or is the nefarious East Aurora Cooperative Market Project up to their tricks? Tell us what the voices tell you on our Facebook page, at Twitter, or in the comments below!


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