Three Year Old Reincarnate Helps Convict His Past Life Murderer

Three-Year-Old Reincarnate Helps Convict His Past Life Murderer


In the book Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation TodayGerman therapist Trutz Hardo recounts the story of a three-year-old living in the Golan Heights region near the borders of Syria and Israel, who is said to have memories of his past life. Hardo was told of this tale by Dr. Eli Lasch, who was incharge of developing a medical system in Gaza during a 1960 Israeli operation.

This boy, a member of the Druze ethnic group, was born with a long red birthmark on his head. Given the fact that the Druze are active believers of reincarnation, his community believed this to be a mark from his previous birth. As soon as he was old enough to speak, he began revealing memories of his past life. His parents, therefore, took him to the alleged home from his previous life. Once there, the boy even remembered his past life name, and it soon turned out that a man of the same name had gone missing since four years in the village.

The boy already had vivid memories of being slaughtered with an axe in his previous life, and now fully remembering his killer’s name, confronted him, who, although scared, denied having murdered anyone.


However, the boy went further to reveal to the village elders the place where his dead body had been buried. There was found a man’s skeleton, along with the axe, the murder weapon. Now when confronted with evidence, the killer confessed to his crime.

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