Gimme Some Skin! Salesman Steals $350K In Human Grafts

Gimme Some Skin! Salesman Steals $350K In Human Grafts

buffaloSales is tough. A mind-numbing, soul-deadening endeavor capable of driving a sane person over the edge. Yet the potential for profit is beyond the dreams of avarice.

Bringing us to a real-life James “Buffalo Bill” Gumb hailing from the Keystone State. Twixt 2011 and 2013, Gary Dudek had the bright idea of (allegedly) stealing human skin from a Philadelphia hospital.

The former Organogenesis employee was in charge of acquiring skin grafts for Mercy Hospital. With some (allegedy) creative accounting acrobatics, Gary (allegedly) took advantage of an open purchase order, facilitating several unauthorized purchases to the tune of $350,000 USD, which never reached Mercy Hospital’s patients.1

lotionSo, what happened to the skin? Authorities are still scratching their heads, Gary’s out on bail, and he’s not talkin’. At least he doesn’t have a chubby girl trapped in his basement.


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