Hero Dog Saves Family From Chupacabras

Hero Dog Saves Family From Chupacabras

chupasJim Newton thinks he’s bagged a chupacabras, and we’re not going to argue since something absconded with his goats.

The past couple of nights Jim and his wife were kept awake by unearthly howls around their North Carolina farm, leaving them to worry about their livestock’s well-being. Not only did the Newtons lose two goats, but in the mornings their cows were often discovered with bloodied ears.

Their loyal german shepherd, taking matters into his own paws, tore this chupacabras a new one.

How did Mr. Newton know this was a chupacabras? He told James Johnson at yourdailyjournal.com:


“I looked it up on the Internet before I called anyone, and sure enough, if you look it up online, you’ll see this looks exactly like the chupacabras people have been spotting,” Newton said. “On the Internet, a man actually shot one on his porch.”

Thank goodness for the internet! Nobody ever lies on the internet!

He’s referencing a story out of Nelson Conuty, Kentucky where some local yokel blasted a chupacabras that turned out to be a baby raccoon with mange. POOR BABY!

chupas_twoWith the summer months fast approaching, be prepared for many more chupacabras sightings and encounters. Mange, a common condition caused by mites, is curable. Warm and humid conditions are perfect for infestation, causing much misery for our four-legged friends, and cryptozoologists trying to tune into that tenuous signal above the noise from mainstream news.

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Chris Savia
Contributor at Week In Weird, in addition to being a member of The Anomalist's crack team of news editors and their social media maven. Chris lives near the Pine Barrens with his wife, six cats, and the Jersey Devil.
Chris Savia
Chris Savia

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Yet another coyote with mange. PLEASE stop drawing attention to cases like this, it only adds more white noise to the entire subject. This guy looked up “chupacabra” on the web and found even MORE misidentified cases of animals with mange that have incorrectly been labeled as such, this is a vicious cycle that needs to END.

I live on Long Island and about 6 years ago I saw an animal, that looked like your picture. It was the same size, had very little hair, and it’s tail was long enough to go straight to the ground. and then run another four inches or so. I thought it was an expensive Egyptian breed of dog, except for that very unusually long tail. Was it a dog or a raccoon with mange? The tail was really long.