Sasquatch Artifact Returned To First Nations

Sasquatch Artifact Returned To First Nations

maskLong before the Wallace brothers had the bright idea to leave fake tracks ’round Bluff Creek, Native Americans held legends of sasquatch sacred, considering a mutual sighting between man and cryptid to be good luck.

A Sasq’ets mask that vanished 75 years ago1 has been returned to the Sts’ailes First Nation. J.W. Burns, the original squatcher, took advantage of their good nature, lifting this artifact for his personal collection. James Leon, an antiquarian attending the repatriation event for a different artifact, ended up next to a lady who had seen an ape mask fringed with bear fur at the Vancouver Museum. The mask had been part of a travelling display, and now it’s coming home.

Of particular interest is the mask’s similarity to an ape. The broad flat nose, the prognathous jaw, among other details just scream this is not human. With no known native primates in North America, how the heck could Native Americans create something so apelike? Imagination is one explanation, but this relic may be taking a cue from real life.

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