Norwegian Grassman Caught On Camera!

Norwegian Grassman Caught On Camera!

norwayArise, Bigfoot!

A lucky, or enterprising, Norwegian caught something big ‘n hairy standing up in a meadow which lopes away from camera.

It’s 19 seconds. You’ve got 19 seconds.


Why would someone be filming a meadow at grass height? Where’s the context for the shoot? Out-of-context footage calls doubt on these sightings, since only stoners, art students, and earnest hoaxers would bother filming nature at weird angles. The creature looks like it’s wearing a furry tunic, almost like a costume. On the other hand, this hominin might’ve recently lost weight, and is in the process of tightening up that unsightly excess skin.

The gait appears awkward for a human in a suit, but the grassman is loping at a decent clip. The meadow, frustratingly, obscures the legs, preventing a measure of the cryptid’s shin rise angle. Why is that important? Watch the video below.

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