Shapeshifting Granny Stuns Nigerians

Shapeshifting Granny Stuns Nigerians

crowsHow far is it from Ibadan to Ajegunle in Nigeria? Just 143 kilometers, as the old lady flies.

Residents of a tiny Nigerian town spotted a trio of black birds a little past daybreak, only to be astonished when one transformed into a 90 year old woman. According to the original report at AllAfrica, the unnamed witch was returning from her coven in Lagos, when she and her friends lost their way in the dark. The woman claims to have ‘hovered’ over the area until the sunrise weakened her magics, shapeshifting back to human form.

Local police were dispatched to prevent the senior citizen sorceress from lynching, after confessing to the murder her husband to the local baale, a tribal leader. According to an anonymous police source:

“She has not committed any crime and will, therefore, be released to any member of her family who shows up. We did not arrest her. We only prevented a likely jungle justice”


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  1. Fred

    05/22/2014 at 7:29 PM

    Whatever. At least the poor thing wasn’t burned alive, which is something the idiots in Africa tend do quite often.

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